Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Wingnuttiest of Them All?

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall, Who’s the Wingnuttiest of Them All? April 17, 2013

Alan Keyes and Stan Solomon are now regular radio buddies and the result is some of the most hilariously idiotic rhetoric on gay marriage that you’re ever likely to see. In one appearance recently, Keyes said that satan is using gays on TV to destroy the country, while Solomon passed on Scott Lively’s claim that the Nazis were gay.

eyes: We need to keep in mind that the Devil is not playing; he’s deadly serious about the destruction of America’s character, spiritual nature and the foundations of that way of life which stood against the devilish work in the 20th century and defeated it soundly again and again. I think we are on the shortlist of most hated in the history of mankind and that United States of America, grounded in the principles of the Declaration, is targeted by the Adversary for destruction. The way of destruction is not the way some people think, money and the collapse of the economy, that’s all a consequence of the destruction of the moral understanding and moral character that made the regime possible in the first place and that has sustained our constitutional self-government since it was founded.

All of that is being destroyed and a key vehicle for doing that is what you might call the popular culture of entertainment: music, television shows, movies. I’ve noticed for instance that every form of entertainment now is being programmed to promote the acceptance of homosexuality, every form of it. You watch anything and there’s going to be contained within it this message. It is almost as if they are creating programming now with the purpose of luring people into an experience that they can then use to promote these lies.

Solomon: The fact is, there’s these little innuendos and some direct frontal attacks saying if you don’t accept homosexuality there’s something wrong with you. Well, there’s something right with you. Homosexuality is destructive of the individual, destructive of the society and every society in the history of the world that has accepted homosexuality has crashed and burned. Someone tell me where I’m wrong. Many people don’t know that the Nazi party was born out of a homosexual group; they call it the pink swastika.


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  • Nadai

    Many people don’t know that the Nazi party was born out of a homosexual group; they call it the pink swastika.

    Well, he’s right that many people don”t know that, mostly because it’s a fucking lie. These people will say anything at all if they believe it will help their cause, won’t they? Whether a statement is true is entirely unrelated to whether it will come out of their mouths.

  • Saith Stan Solomon:

    Someone tell me where I’m wrong

    Happy to oblige, Stan: in almost every respect possible – and even that might be giving you too much credit.

  • Many people don’t know that the Nazi party was born out of a homosexual group; they call it the pink swastika.

    ….which explains all of the homosexuals in the concentration camps, right?

  • Is civilization so complex that it must be attributed to the struggles of benign and malign ethereal beings?

    I am completely confounded by their ability to fill air time with this mythical nonsense. I used to think I understood religion. Now this all sounds exactly if they espoused Viking mythology, and were warning us about the evils of Loki.

  • Didaktylos

    Someone tell me where I’m wrong.

    Well then, Stan lad – shall we start with the first thing you ever said?

  • Many people don’t know that the Nazi party was born out of a homosexual group…

    Now I’m all confused. I thought that The Gays can’t reproduce!

  • shadowwalkyr

    For any of you out there who read fantasy novels, I am reminded of a quote from Dave Duncan’s The Seventh Sword trilogy: “To be a Seventh is to be unbeatable.”

    In this context, there is no meaning to the term “wingnuttiest.” There is simply a point where further measurement becomes irrelevant.

    To use another analogy, your building can only get so big before it’s not a “shack” anymore, but there’s no upper limit for “skyscraper.”

  • slc1

    Re Nadai @ #1

    There is a smidgen of truth to this statement. Ernst Roehm was an important leader in the Nazi underground militias, which had a number of homosexual members, including him. However, Roehm and his followers were purged in 1934 and systematically eliminated, starting with the Night of the Long Knives in 1934. Thereafter, homosexuals were sent to concentration camps and few survived the war.

  • some bastard on the net

    Someone tell me where I’m wrong…

    The longest book ever written: Things Stan Solomon has gotten wrong.

  • Actually, there is a bit of truth behind the lie about the “gay Nazis”. Ernst Roehm, the leader of the SA “Brownshirt” thugs who supported Hitler during his rise to prominence in the 1920s, was a homosexual, as were at least some of his followers. But the Brownshirts were “purged” , by which I mean slaughtered, by the SS on the “Night of the Long Knives”. See the film “The Damned” by leftist director Luigi Visconti for a fictionalized dramatization of this.

  • dan4

    I blame heterosexuality for Lenin, Stalin, Castro, Chairman Mao, etc. (sarcasm, of course).

  • Correction, the director of “The Damned” was LUCHINO Visconti. Also, I seem to remember that in the novel “Exodus” by Leon Uris, the author mentions a death camp commandant who kept a harem of young Jewish boys. Which only proves that Nazi Germany, like all other countries at the time, was hypocritical about homosexuality, making it a crime, but selectively enforcing the law against political undesirables while tolerating if not approving, politically powerful gays.

  • caseloweraz

    At least Keyes understands that the destruction of America, should that occur, would result in collapse of the economy. Almost no one could find work (too many can’t find work now, in a functioning economy.) Many people would not accept cash; barter would be the order of the day, and the supply of goods for barter would be limited. Fairly soon most everyone would be struggling to survive.

    The wealthy, however, would do all right for a while. Their number includes people like Keyes and Solomon, along with the megachurch pastors.

    That is why I find this incessant talk of wanting to destroy the country so ludicrous. I want to give Keyes credit for understanding this one point, even though he has cause and effect backwards and his major premise is false.