Corsi Just Plain Lies About the ACLU

Corsi Just Plain Lies About the ACLU April 18, 2013

Jerome Corsi, the Worldnutdaily’s “investigative reporter,” has a new book out about the ACLU that is little more than a tired rehash of all the old lies about the group. But now he’s adding a few new lies of his own. On the Janet Mefferd show he claimed that the ACLU wants to normalize pedophilia and lock pastors up for speaking out against homosexuality:

Corsi: The ACLU has championed same-sex marriage, and along with same-sex marriage advocates, got a very effective public relations campaign arguing, you know, ‘How would you deny these two men who are in love or two women the ability to be happy,’ emotional issues. But now the ACLU is doing two things. One, they’re pushing the envelope, they’re arguing that pedophilia should be accepted next, as the next sexual horizon that is just a sexual orientation, and we should accept it as natural.

Mefferd: That’s sick.

Corsi: And they’re also arguing that any of the, the clergy, silencing the Church and ministers so that anybody who speaks out on a moral issue, objecting to, say, same-sex marriage on a moral or scriptural basis from Judeo-Christian principles, that’s hate speech and the person’s committing a crime. I mean, the left is not going to be tolerant when the window is fully pushed open and anyone who objects to their agenda is going to be suspect and silenced.

An absolute lie. The ACLU has repeatedly defended the right to speak out against homosexuality. They did it, for instance, in Harper v Poway. Corsi is simply lying.

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