Jennifer Leclaire: Hero and Martyr

Jennifer Leclaire: Hero and Martyr April 18, 2013

Jennifer Leclaire, one of the editors of Charisma magazine, is a very brave woman. Really, she is. Just ask her, she’ll tell you how courageous she is in the face of persecution — err, I mean criticism — from the “gay agenda.” After writing recently that gay football players are an attempt to turn kids gay, people actually pointed out how stupid that claim was.

The gay agenda swarmed around me like a shark that smelled blood. I received emails that purposed to intimidate me. I was sought out on Facebook and repulsive messages were posted on my wall. I was told I would rot in hell. I’ve been labeled a bully who wields “clobber verses” despite the fact that my op-ed didn’t offer a single Scripture. I’ve been compared to white slave owners, deemed stubbornly close-minded, and, of course, there’s the tired old homophobe line. One email simply said, “f**k you.” I’ll stop there because to further expound on the evil that the gay agenda unleashed against me is not edifying.

What was my crime? Telling the truth. God’s truth is love, and it doesn’t always feel good or sound pretty. But the response from the gay agenda to God’s truth is often hate. Still, despite the persecution, I stand in prayer for those the enemy has captured. Like God’s heart, my heart breaks for their lost souls. I am contending for light to flood in, deception to break and repentance to come.

Oh, the humanity! I find it especially amusing that she thinks being told she would rot in hell is an attempt to intimidate her. Really, Jennifer? How many times do you claim that others are going to hell to be tortured for eternity by your “loving” God?

By the way, do you ever hear a non-fundie use the word “edifying”? I can’t ever remember hearing it except from wingnuts. It’s a verbal tribal marker, much like the use of the word “fellowship” as a verb (“we’re going fellowshipping tonight”).

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