Jones Still Reporting the Wrong Suspect

Jones Still Reporting the Wrong Suspect April 24, 2013

As if you needed any more evidence that Alex Jones and his merry gang of nutjobs has no credibility, click on this article and you’ll see that his website is still claiming that the guy arrested last week is Sunil Tripathi, a missing student from Brown University.

One of the alleged culprits has been named by 4chan researchers as Sunil Tripathi, a student who has been missing from his Philadelphia apartment since March 16. It is believed that Tripathi, seen wearing a white hat in the FBI photos, is still on the run while his alleged accomplice is the one who was shot dead by police.

“The fact that Sunil Tripathi’s information was able to be dug up so quickly by 4Chan’s community and posted hours before the police even managed to engage Sunil in Watertown shows the lightning fast capabilities of alternative news and the internet at large,” writes Anthony Gucciardi. “This is why the mainstream media is failing to hold an audience and experiencing dwindling statistics while alternative news sources that capture the pulse of ongoing investigation manage to come out on top.”

No editing. No retractions. No corrections. There is a real family out there hoping that Tripathi returns home and they are slandering his name, along with 4Chan and Reddit, both of whom had people name Tripathi as a suspect. But at least Reddit pulled the threads where that allegation was made. InfoWars has kept it up there and continued to make that claim even after someone entirely different was arrested. They are professional liars.

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