Jones Still Reporting the Wrong Suspect

Jones Still Reporting the Wrong Suspect April 24, 2013

As if you needed any more evidence that Alex Jones and his merry gang of nutjobs has no credibility, click on this article and you’ll see that his website is still claiming that the guy arrested last week is Sunil Tripathi, a missing student from Brown University.

One of the alleged culprits has been named by 4chan researchers as Sunil Tripathi, a student who has been missing from his Philadelphia apartment since March 16. It is believed that Tripathi, seen wearing a white hat in the FBI photos, is still on the run while his alleged accomplice is the one who was shot dead by police.

“The fact that Sunil Tripathi’s information was able to be dug up so quickly by 4Chan’s community and posted hours before the police even managed to engage Sunil in Watertown shows the lightning fast capabilities of alternative news and the internet at large,” writes Anthony Gucciardi. “This is why the mainstream media is failing to hold an audience and experiencing dwindling statistics while alternative news sources that capture the pulse of ongoing investigation manage to come out on top.”

No editing. No retractions. No corrections. There is a real family out there hoping that Tripathi returns home and they are slandering his name, along with 4Chan and Reddit, both of whom had people name Tripathi as a suspect. But at least Reddit pulled the threads where that allegation was made. InfoWars has kept it up there and continued to make that claim even after someone entirely different was arrested. They are professional liars.

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  • I think you had it right the first time … they are professional nutjobs.

  • I’m thinking of doing some research this summer into the similarities between the language used by conspiracy theories and the language used by propaganda campaigns. Reading some of the out-there theories in the wake of Boston made me think there might be some more similarities than most people realize. This insistence on sticking to the established narrative even in the face of overwhelming contrary evidence would seem to be another data point. Have to figure out how to gather data for this… and last week I swore I would relax this summer.

  • tynk

    wholy crap on a cracker! “4chan researchers” What the… I can’t even…

    4chan and /b/ are researchers, credible, or decent human beings the same way

  • slc1

    Avicenna has posted on this individual. The attitude of fucktards who run infowars is the philosophy of the late and unlamented Roy Cohn: never apologize and never explain.

  • tynk

    gah… stupid buttons and hard website while mind exploding….

    4chan and /b/ are so repugnant, I could not in good conscience compare them to a fresh pile of cow dung without thoroughly denigrating all the useful things cow dung has done for society.

  • One of the alleged culprits has been named by 4chan researchers…

    When your first sentence contains the phrase “4chan researchers”, step away from the computer and re-evaluate where life has taken you.

  • Speaking of lamestream vs. “alternate” media, the least I can say for NPR is that I never heard them mention Sunil Tripathi as a suspect in anything.

  • Who Knows?

    4 Chan Researchers? Certain proof Alex Jones is an idiot.

  • Ben P

    4 Chan Researchers? Certain proof Alex Jones is an idiot.

    It makes it sound so much more official than “A bunch of maladjusted 15 year olds posting from their parents’ basements.”

  • raven


    The eugenicists are back with their latest program to kill an untold number of people under the cover of the “swine flu pandemic.” If you line up for a vaccination contaminated with mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and other toxins — and a possible agent for future cancers designed to decimate world population — you need to have your head examined.

    However, as Ron Paul indicates, you may not have a choice — the government may force you to choose between a toxic vaccine and a FEMA camp.

    According to Alex Jones, the swine flu H1N1 vaccine was part of a UN population reduction program.

    It was designed to kill millions or billions of people. If you didn’t voluntarily get the vaccine, you would be sent to a FEMA concentration camp.

    Of course, none of that ever happened. In fact, the vaccine was a triumph of modern biotechnology and saved a lot of lives.

    They never, ever notice that their prophecies and predictions never, ever happen. By the time one fantasy fails, they are on to the next.

  • raven

    Speaking of false prophets and conspiracy loons, Glenn Beck on Friday was going to blow the Obama conspiracy in Boston out of the water on Monday. If Obama didn’t do what he wanted or pay him a hundred million USD or something.

    It’s now Wednesday and AFAIK, Obama is still president.

    FWIW, not that I bother to follow Glenn Beck but he is now supposedly claiming he has a plan he got from god to save the US or his followers. That is going to make his Mormon leaders a bit nervous. They already have a Pope who talks to god, the chief Revelator, Seer, and Prophet. Right now it’s Monson who is rumored to be deep in an age related cognitive degeneration syndrome. It always looks bad when several people claim to talk to god and god says completely different things to all of them.

  • MikeMa

    Police are reporting that a body pulled from the Providence River may be the body of Tripathi. I wonder if that bit of data, when confirmed, will move Jones to correct his lies.

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    Walid Shoebat, “peace activist”. “4chan researchers”. These people have lost whatever tenuous grip on reality they may once have had.

  • raven


    Body found in Rhode Island river may be missing Brown student …

    www. nydailynews. com/…/body-found-river-missing-brown-student-police-…

    4 hours ago – A body pulled from the Providence River is “very possibly” that of missing Brown University student Sunil Tripathi, Rhode Island authorities said.

    It’s likely Sunil Tripathi, missing since March 16, has been dead since March 16.

  • MikeMa: Given what we know of Jones, I’m betting he’ll just say Sunil was killed by his co-conspirators as part of the conspiracy or something. Who says batshit-crazy conspiracy theories can’t accomodate new information?

  • And now a Republican in the NH lege is endorsing Jones’ lunacy:

    There’s also a sidebar saying the surviving alleged bomber was also a fan of Jones.

  • slc1

    Re Raging Bee @ #16

    To the surprise of no one, the Rethuglican legislator is also a birther.

  • It’s likely Sunil Tripathi, missing since March 16, has been dead since March 16.

    If true, that’s sad.

    And I can say with almost 100% certainty that it doesn’t matter when, how or why Tripathi died, if he is then Jones will claim that he was killed by the government to silence him.

  • baal

    ” 4chan researchers” I know folks have already commented on this but, I’m still laughing 5 minutes later. In a barely reasonable US, this would be stick a fork in them they are done time.

  • tacitus “And I can say with almost 100% certainty that it doesn’t matter when, how or why Tripathi died, if he is then Jones will claim that he was killed by the government to silence him.”

    He was, and they “hid” “his” “body” in the “United” Airlines Flight “93” “airplane” that “crashed” in that “field” on “9/11”.

  • ““And I can say with almost 100% certainty that it doesn’t matter when, how or why Tripathi died, if he is then Jones will claim that he was killed by the government to silence him.”

    Just been in the car listening to Jones’s nonsense for the last 20 minutes, and sure enough, he brought up the body found in the river as possibly being “one of the suspects” and said that he’s “been saying all along that they would start finding bodies in the river.”

    He then went on to claim that the older brother (the one who was killed) actually worked for the CIA as part of their Russian destabilization efforts — I kid you not.

  • In other words, tacitus, my prediction failed because I overestimated Jones’ grasp of reality. My bad.

  • siveambrai

    Hey I have good friends who may get tenure as 4chan researchers! I mean sociologically it’s a fascinating group for many types of research projects. Honestly these guys are giving read 4chan researchers a bad name.

  • Ichthyic

    If true, that’s sad.

    It’s true. They finally confirmed the identity of the body they found in the river as that of Sunil.

    Whether the rampant Reddit and 4Chan speculation that he was one of the bombers was the trigger for him to commit suicide, or whether someone decided to be a vigilante, we’ll probably never know. In either case, I hope his sister and remaining family sue Reddit.

    One might think it would provide food for thought for Reddit commenters, and people like Jones, but you all know it won’t.

    Reddit is simply filled with irresponsible, unthinking, asswipes. Time for it to go.

  • Ichthyic

    here’s another small article you might want to bookmark when the topic of irresponsible social media comes up:

    They were forced to suspend their Facebook page ‘Help Us Find Sunil Tripathi’ as it was targeted with abusive messages denouncing him and his wife as the parents of a “terrorist,” Mr Tripathi told the Telegraph. “We had a team of people deleting messages, not even reading them. How could you raise a terrorist? that kind of stuff. Nasty messages. We just tried to get them out fast,” he said in a telephone interview.

  • slc1

    Re lchthyic @ #24

    It is my information that the gentleman has been dead since the day he disappeared, which was long before the Marathon bombings.