Kansas School Offers Creationist Assembly

Kansas School Offers Creationist Assembly April 24, 2013

The ACLU is trying to get a Kansas school district to cancel a mandatory school assembly put on by the Creation Truth Foundation, an Oklahoma creationist group. The assembly is going to be about dinosaurs, which this group claims were in the Bible and lived alongside human beings.

The issue arose because members of the Oklahoma-based Creation Truth Foundation are to speak next week at several events on school property, including public gatherings in the evening and assemblies during the school day.

Foundation instructor Matt Miles said creationism would be discussed only during events conducted outside the school day. During the school assemblies, students are shown pictures and fossils, Miles said.

“We’re going to come in and talk about dinosaurs, so nothing Biblical,” Miles said.

Crawford said the speakers, who also operate under the name of the Foundation for the Advancement of Childhood Education, won’t be allowed to use the school assemblies to promote the evening events.

“I agree with the ACLU, in that, if a mandatory all-school assembly where creationist truths or creationist beliefs were expressed, that would be inappropriate public-school content, and that is not the case,” Crawford said. “It’s completely and totally school appropriate.”

Oh yes, I’m sure there’s no connection at all between the outside events, which will undoubtedly be standard young earth creationist sermons, and the school events. But if you really don’t think they’re connected, why have them put on the assemblies at all? If you want to do an assembly to teach kids about dinosaurs, why not invite real scientists who study dinosaurs? I’m sure there are many paleontologists at Kansas universities who would be happy to give such a presentation. Matt Miles is not a scientist, he’s a missionary and a minister:

Matt & Theresa are missionaries to the Church’s Youth. They have been with CTF since January 2006. The Miles’ graduated from Manhattan Christian College, and since then Matt has effectively served the Lord in three different Kansas churches as Youth Pastor. Matt’s burden for today’s church youth has led him to serve the CTF ministry as Student Worldview Director through our in-house program called SWAT (Student Worldview Advanced Training). Matt is a well-studied preacher and teacher of Biblical origins, and has through much study developed an excellent program in Biblical Astronomy. He is a very talented communicator with young people of all ages, and is becoming a much sought after speaker in Christian youth camps and youth training programs.

Yeah, why would you want a paleontologist to teach kids about dinosaurs when you get a youth pastor to do it?

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