Dumbass Quote of the Day

Dumbass Quote of the Day April 30, 2013

From our old friend Joseph Farah:

The Chechen terrorist wouldn’t have lasted five minutes in a free society that entrusted its citizens with their unalienable, constitutionally protected right to bear arms.

First of all, that right is protected. In fact, the very thing he complains about is a possible future gun control measure:

Despite the stark lessons of Boston, there are still those in Washington gleefully and excitedly pushing…more national restrictions on the sale and possession of firearms that are essential for safeguarding homes, families, businesses and the public in general from future threats of this kind.

The people of Boston do have the right to bear arms, including assault weapons. I’m sure tens of thousands, at bare minimum, do own guns. And yet the Tsarnaev brothers did manage to last more than five minutes. Maybe it’s because no one knew who they were and that they were bad guys. Were people at the Boston Marathon supposed to just open fire on two nondescript men with backpacks and baseball caps on? Were they supposed to saddle up a posse and go out shooting at people they thought might have been involved without knowing who they were? What the hell is Farah babbling about?

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