Mikey Weinstein is the Devil

Mikey Weinstein is the Devil April 30, 2013

Or so says the latest bit of hate email he received. This one is even crazier than the usual ones. Apparently, he looks like the devil (they know what the devil looks like?) and he and everyone he knows and is related to deserves to suffer. Enjoy:

From: jewaste@helfyre.com

Subject: Are You The Devil?

Date: April 25, 2013 10:07:06 PM MDT

To: Information Weinstein

Michael Weinstein. You and the mfrr have nothing better to do than bully and fight the Christian soldiers who built this nation. From the wreckage of the indian savages? And made it the only shining light of the world? Have you forgotten history? Our soldiers are made strong because of their faith in Jesus Christ and Christianity. When America’s soldiers are strong America is strong. I am such a soldier. Proud of my Savior and the USA. One among many in my unit who know you for what you truely are. A bunch of us at chapel watched some of the speeches you gave. On you tube. We all noticed how much you resemeble the devil. Seriously you do. And you have the devils slippery powers of false persuasion too. You and the devil both hate Christ. You and the devil are the losers. You will both have hell as your home for all ages to come. Your life is totally a waste. Mr. Weinstein give it up and surrender to the Word of Christ. Our fighting forces fight with Jesus as our Lord and leader in all things. Deal with it. You try to mess with that and you totally deserve to suffer. Your fallen childrens deserve to suffer. Your fallen wife deserves to suffer. Your fallen parents deserve to suffer. All your fallen friends of the mfrr deserve to suffer too. And they will.

Poor Mikey. He “resemebles” the devil.

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  • shouldbeworking

    In some ancient cultures, a warrior would be honoured by being selected for single combat with a brave and skilled warrior from the other side.

    Mike’s brave corespondent chooses to hide behind a false name on a letter filled with poor sentence structure and bad grammar. Mike has my condolences, he is worthy of a much more skilled opponent.

  • birgerjohansson

    “Poor Mikey. He “resemebles” the devil.”

    is this about the Jewish-sounding name?

    BTW I have read Mike Carey’s graphic novels in the “Lucifer” series, set in Neil Gaiman’s narrative universe. Lucifer is actually kind of cool.

  • Synfandel

    Illiterate, bigotted, hateful, and armed. Nice.

  • This is so ridiculous! Every knows it’s the president who looks like the devil. Or vice versa. It’s complicated.

  • blf

    From the wreckage of the indian savages?

    Obviously this enlightened person is very popular with, say, the WW II Marine codetalkers.

  • blorf

    This post needs a shot of Mikey in an evil little thing shirt.

  • birgerjohansson

    “who built this nation. From the wreckage of the indian savages?”

    Classy. But he needs to work on including references to teh ghey, the musselmans and the nazi communist in the white house. Aslo, random capitalisation needs to be added before he can claim to be a true Christian Warrior (TM).

  • birgerjohansson
  • This is news? Everybody knows the devil looks like a Jew. And Jesus looks like a Caucasian. No, not one of those fake Caucasians, a real, red-blooded, ‘Murkan Aryan Caucasian.

  • birgerjohansson

    What is “jewaste”? Sounds like some White Power rock group or something.

  • Synfandel
  • doublereed

    It’s very Christian of him to tell us how lots of people deserve to suffer.

  • birgerjohansson

    If the devil’s deputy can be a fat Scandinavian instead of a slim Jewish guy, I am totally calling dibs on the position.

  • Abby Normal

    I’m going to have to disagree with Ed on this one. This is one of the least crazy sounding hateful screeds I’ve seen posted. Arrogant, ignorant, odious and repulsive, sure, but compared to what’s come before it’s almost coherent.

  • Doug Little

    The whole thing can be paraphrased to.

    I has sad 🙁

  • It might be fun to create an “official spokesman” with a butch, white, Christian name, maybe “John Smith” or “William Jones”, just to see if the tone of the hate mail changes at all. Because, really, the anti-Semitism is getting routine.

  • “Jesus as our Lord and leader in all things”

    I thought that the Pres was the C-in-C of all things military?

  • This is a US soldier? Scary. Reminds me of this great bit by the late Greg Giraldo:

    Let’s face it, our reading and writing skills in our country…everyday there’s a story in the paper about how shitty our schools are. They just keep getting worse, all the time. I read a book, it was filled with letters that soldiers in the Civil War had written to their girlfriends back home. These guys were kids. They were fourteen, fifteen-year old kids. Most of these guys had never even been to school, but every single letter in the book was incredible. Every single letter was like: (in southern accent) “My dearest Hannah, this morn finds me wrecked by the fiery pangs of your absence. I’ll bear your cherished memory with me, as I battle the forces of tyranny and oppression.” Now, think about what the typical letter from your average modern-day soldier, to his girlfriend back home in like, New Jersey’s got to read like: (in New Jersey accent) “Dear Marie, it is hot as fuck out here. It is hard to fight these sand monkeys, wit your balls stuck to your legs. It is very, very hot out here because I am in the dessert. What else did I wanna aks you? Oh yeah: DON’T FUCK NOBODY TIL I GET BACK.”

    Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTRqi99vg28

  • dugglebogey

    It pisses me off that people who stand up for their rights and the rights of others are now being called “bullies.”

    Since “bullying” is a buzzword now and these people seem to be all about buzzwords, they don’t comprehend the level of irony that exists in their use of the word.

  • Tsu Dho Nimh

    Isn’t there a literacy requirement for enlisting?

  • Randomfactor

    Sure, MRFF may be winning a few battles here and there, but just wait until the Second Coming. Any day now? Like promised? Like promised “any day now” two thousand years ago?

    At this rate, the Great Prophet Zarquon will get here first.

  • Ah, i see his problem.

    And you have the devils slippery powers of false persuasion too.

    The letter writer was convinced by Mikey’s ideas, he just can’t wrap his poor deluded mind around that fact. Maybe this is the just the first crack. Keep it up, Mikey!

  • Darn – italic fail. sorry.

  • andrewkiener

    1. What the heck is the “mfrr” this guy is so upset about?

    2. “And you have the devils slippery powers of false persuasion…” I.e., you make sense, but I won’t listen because god.

  • blf

    What the heck is the “mfrr” this guy is so upset about?

    My Fecking Ridiculous Rants?

  • And Jesus looks like a Caucasian. No, not one of those fake Caucasians, a real, red-blooded, ‘Murkan Aryan Caucasian.

    Jesus looks like Cesare Borgia. Apparently his father (Alexander VI) liked to have his son represented as the model for jesus, during his reign. Cesare was, until the syphilis started to ruin his looks, a very handsome fellow. The “standard” representation of jesus, with the fine straight nose, sensuous mouth, and high cheekbones – that’s Cesare.

    Need I mention that Cesare was a famous roue?

  • baal

    mfrr is a nice cuddly noise that you hear from happy folks from time to time. I suspect the screed writer wanted FFRF.

    Again we see a nice example of how someone is using aggressive and violent language to coerce capitulation. Not very compelling is it?*

    *note to #19 dugglebogey, if you call a christian protesting a PP site a hater (hold up a sign pointing to them for example), they will be upset but you can actually make arguments for that position. If you go to a church and hold up a plate filled with dog feces and scream at the very same person that they are nothing but the same as what’s on your plate, you’re the hateful person. If you then add that you’ll keep doing this to them unless they stop protesting PP, you’re now using force and power to coerce capitulation.

    I’ve laid out two points and now suggest that reality varies gradually between them. You may want to do the thought experiment of thinking how far along the spectrum your favorite action falls. Just because you’re ‘right’ doesn’t mean your use of power to coerce capitulation is any less immoral than the next bullies.

    (TL;DR, the morality of your actions (whether or not you’re a bully) does not depend on the rightness or effectiveness or offensiveness of your actions but on the means you use)

  • baal

    hrm, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) was accurate <–wish to edit my prior post.

  • “You and the devil are the losers.”

    Wrong sir, Non-religious is on the rise. We are WINNING!

  • Doug Little

    You and the devil are the losers

    Well only if there is a golden fiddle to be won.

  • escuerd

    Everyone knows that Satan has stereotypically Jewish features, right?

  • busterggi

    I wish I were the devil – his job security is so much better than mine.

  • Mikey Weinstein is. The Devil. So say. The sentence fragments.

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    1. What the heck is the “mfrr” this guy is so upset about?

    Military Freligious Reedom Roundation.

  • dingojack

    shouldbeworking (#1) – are you expressing Sympathy for the Devil?

    [ Ducks back under sofa, before kicking himself for not thinking of it earlier]

    🙂 Dingo

  • escuerd

    Damn, Mr. Upright.

    With just two more syllables

    You’d have a haiku.

    Mikey Weinstein is.

    The Devil himself. So say.

    The sentence fragments.

  • freemage

    theschwa: Eh, I tend to take that sort of thing with a grain of salt. Sure, the letters that were picked for a collection are full of well-written screeds–that’s what they were looking for. These letters that Mickey, gets, are self-selected for ignorance, and thus show a bias in that direction.

  • Tip o’ the hat, escuerd.

  • jufulu

    In addition to all the fun and frolics that have been discussed so far, this is the part I glummed on to:

    A bunch of us at chapel watched some of the speeches you gave.

    Which got me to wondering how they found out about Mikey, did it come up in the sermon? If so, it continues to point out how badly Mikey and the MRFF are needed. Members of the US military are not Soldiers For Christ ™.

  • shouldbeworking


    I don’t know who you are really, but you seem to be rolling quite nicely with the witty comments.

  • Nemo

    From the wreckage of the indian savages? And made it the only shining light of the world?

    If those are questions, I’m going with “No,” and “No.”

    Who does he think wrecked the Indians, anyway?

    What the heck is the “mfrr” this guy is so upset about?

    Military Foundation for Ruining Religion?

  • I checked the domain on that email. It’s a blog about Halloween supplies.

  • noastronomer

    All i can say is that it’s a good job we don’t send people like the author of this letter overseas to represent us and to defend people of other creeds. That would be disastrous.



  • Ichthyic

    the letter writer is exhibiting textbook examples of projection.

    He needs therapy, immediately.

    not kidding at all.

  • Ichthyic

    Illiterate, bigotted, hateful, and armed

    We all know what happened to Douglas C. Niedermeyer…

    seriously, people like the letter writer are at risk of being a danger to their own squadmates, and need therapy.

  • gardengnome

    There’s one creepy theme (OK, more than one!) running through all these hate messages – the references to Weinstein’s family. What’s that about?

  • birgerjohansson

    Why do they still worry about the devil? Satan (aka Shaitan aka Souhtek) was annihilated by The Doctor back in 1976 (“The Pyramids of Mars”)

  • playonwords

    H’mmmm, I think jewaste forgot about America’s Jewish soldiers did not have faith in “Jesus Christ and Christianity,” and there always have been US troops who were atheist/agnostic or who followed other faiths.