MI Mother: Anne Frank’s Diary ‘Pornographic’

MI Mother: Anne Frank’s Diary ‘Pornographic’ May 2, 2013

A mother in Northville, Michigan has filed a formal complaint demanding that her daughter’s middle school not have students read the diary of Anne Frank because it’s “pornographic.” But don’t worry, she’s not a prude who’s trying to shelter her daughter or anything.

Mom, Gail Horalek, has filed a formal complaint against her daughter’s school district over its use of the Anne Frank Diary, saying that many of the passages contained in the book are way to graphic for seventh graders like her daughter.

The mother highlights one part of the book in which Frank discusses discovering her genitalia, and Horalek has said it is akin to pornography, and is completely inappropriate for her child and her schoolmates.

I’ve got news for you, lady: If your daughter is in the 7th grade, she’s already discovered her own genitalia too.

Horalek has now demanded that the book be removed from the curriculum: “It doesn’t mean my child is sheltered, it doesn’t mean I live in a bubble and it doesn’t mean I’m trying to ban books.”

Oh no, of course not. I bet you even have friends who have genitalia.

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