Erik Rush’s Anecdotal Idiocy

Erik Rush’s Anecdotal Idiocy May 6, 2013

Erik Rush is really quite ridiculous. After declaring in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings that all Muslims should be killed, he now decides to play pretend and claim that he’s being criticized merely for using the word Muslim. He says that now “publicly uttering ‘Muslim’ now brings accusations of bigotry.” Uh, no. It doesn’t. Saying they should be killed? That brings accusations of bigotry. But there’s one passage in his column that caught my eye:

I’ve had a crash course in this phenomenon, so to speak, having made a controversial comment online concerning Muslims on the day the bombing occurred. Muslims and many sympathetic (read “deluded”) Americans took great offense. What I find interesting is the fact that out of the tens of thousands of death threats, hate tweets, emails and so forth, not one person wrote to tell me that they were Muslim, but love America, and condemn Islamist terrorism.

Not one.

Wow, really? No Muslims bothered to email a guy who says they should all be killed and be super nice to him? How shocking. It would be a dumb enough argument to claim that he hadn’t heard of or seen any Muslim decrying terrorism (lots and lots of them have done so, of course). But to claim that it means something that no one actually contacted him to tell him that? Utterly deluded.

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