Rush: Obama Allowing Terrorism to Declare Martial Law

Rush: Obama Allowing Terrorism to Declare Martial Law May 10, 2013

Erik Rush, the lunatic who thinks America suffers from “negrophilia,” goes full Alex Jones in his latest column, claiming that Obama is deliberately allowing Muslim terrorism in order to give him the excuse for declaring martial law and turning America socialist.

Why, so many who have seen these red flags wonder, would the administration, corrupt as it is, precipitate as situation wherein we are at risk for widespread attack by Islamists within our own borders?

I believe the answer is simple, and lies in a design I feared from the day Obama won the 2008 election. Barack Obama was positioned where he is in order to exponentially further the socialist agenda in America. His ability to do this where perhaps another individual might not have been able to has a great deal to do with his ethnicity; Obama’s benefactors and colleagues believed that the race card would be invaluable to them relative to shielding him from both criticism and scrutiny – and they were right. The cult of personality that was crafted around him and timing also played parts in this dynamic.

In order to complete the power transfer to the degree that socialist power players desire, it will become an imperative for Obama to declare martial law at some point. This is in part why efforts to dismantle the Second Amendment have been so aggressive since Obama’s re-election. The disadvantages to a well-armed populace in the event of martial law being declared under questionable or illegal circumstances should be obvious.

In any case, there are a number of contingencies in play that may serve the administration in this regard. A coordinated upswell in jihadi activity within the US – just enough to terrify, but not too much to suppress – would be the perfect pretext under which martial law might be declared. Whether this would coincide with, or might catalyze some other social or economic catastrophe remains to be seen.

Mr. Rush, I suggest a bet. If Obama declares martial law before leaving office, I will stop writing and speaking on political matters forever. But in January, 1917, when Obama peacefully hands over power upon the inauguration of a new president without ever having declared martial law in the US, you agree to publicly declare that you’re full of shit and then shut the fuck up for the rest of your life. Deal?

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