Buehner and Swanson Explain The Gay

Buehner and Swanson Explain The Gay May 12, 2013

Kevin Swanson and Dave Buehner of Generations Radio are so far out on the lunatic fringe that John Hagee must envy them. On a show last week, they gave their utterly simplistic and offensive explanation for why people choose to become gay. I’m sure this will all sound familiar to you:

Buehner: Women don’t trust men, women raise sons, sons don’t trust men, but there’s a hole in their heart, looking for a man, looking for the love of men, they’re not getting the love of their father, they’re going to go seek it out in other men, i.e. male homosexuality. A woman does not have a trust in a man, she didn’t see a loving relationship with a man, she’s been taught that husbands are buffoons and that at best get yourself a man who is a good roller coaster ride for the night, maybe try and get a few bucks off of him doing the amateur prostitution thing but move on, keep your independence from the family and from the man and ergo why not just go ahead into lesbianism.

Now homosexuality and lesbians start building on each other and snowballing. I believe that we are at the knee of the curve here, in other words, the rate of homosexuality in society has been fairly low, it’s been in the low one percent, two percent, we’ve always had some but it’s been low, I think it’s going to skyrocket in the next decade.

Wow, he’s good. I mean, most of us would feel incapable of taking the lives and identities of millions and millions of people we’ve never met and casually reduce them all down to a single, cartoonishly simple case of cause and effect. What of the millions of gay men with perfectly good relationships with their fathers? I guess they must magically not exist because they don’t fit the narrative.

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