Buehner: Single Women Under Father’s Control

Buehner: Single Women Under Father’s Control May 17, 2013

Dave Buehner of Generations Radio launched into quite a diatribe on his radio show, explaining — accurately — how the Bible clearly says that a woman is owned by her father until she gets married, then she is owned by her husband. And therefore they have no freedom or self-determination at any point:

When the government does something like this, their intentions, their self-conscious intention, is to destroy the patriarchal structure of the family. The Book of Numbers is very clear and the Book of Numbers says that ‘when the father hears the vow of his daughter, an obligation to which she’s bound herself, if the father says nothing then the vow stands; but if the father should forbid her on the day he hears of it then none of her vows, none of her obligations of which she has bound herself, shall stand.’ What that means is that a father who has a daughter, she’s not free, she doesn’t have the feminist independence that we hear so much about to make contracts, to buy drugs, to engage in activities without the father’s consent. Now when you tell the father he has no business knowing what drugs his daughter’s putting into her body, when a father has no business knowing whether or not his daughter is out there fornicating with the football team, you’ve destroyed patriarchy even more. I think the government is waging a war against God’s family structure.

It’s almost refreshing to hear a fundamentalist Christian admit that the Bible establishes a system of patriarchy. Many Christians try to deny that, but the verses are quite clear. Women are little more than chattel in the Bible, including in the New Testament.

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