Ralph Reed’s Moneymaking Scheme

Ralph Reed’s Moneymaking Scheme May 17, 2013

Ralph Reed was once Pat Robertson’s boy wonder, the head of the Christian Coalition. Then he left, made a failed run at governor of Georgia and founded his own group, the Faith and Freedom Coalition. And now he uses his deep connections on the Christian right and his massive mailing list to make some serious cash. World magazine just found out that he’s helping the Boy Scouts soft sell their upcoming change in policy on gay scouts to those people.

WORLD learned that Reed, founder of the Christian Coalition and now president of the Faith and Freedom Coalition, has arranged meetings and conference calls between Christian conservative leaders and BSA officials who support the pro-gay resolution. According to John Stemberger, founder of OnMyHonor.Net, a group opposed to the policy change, “After the introduction is made, the BSA officials try to convince these top conservative evangelical leaders to support the resolution by finding friendly media venues to discuss it.”

Reed confirmed in a phone conversation with me that he had arranged conference calls in an attempt to be a “peacemaker” in the process. He said he had not personally participated in the calls and acknowledged he is paid a small retainer by the Boy Scouts. Reed would not disclose the amount of his fee except to characterize it as “de minimus.”

“[I would] deeply resent any implication that I am helping this policy to pass.” he added. “I am on record opposing a change in the current policy. Period.”

I’m sure he does oppose the policy. But he’s a major power broker and this is how he makes his money, by using his influence to help his clients. That’s what he did with Jack Abramoff, firing up conservative Christians to oppose new casinos around the country, all the time on the payroll of existing casinos trying to kill their competition.

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