Wiles Links 9/11 to the Illuminati

Wiles Links 9/11 to the Illuminati May 17, 2013

Rick Wiles is quickly distinguishing himself even from the usual wingnut radio hosts for his bizarre and incoherent rants and conspiracy theories. On a recent show he claimed that not only were the World Trade Centers destroyed by the Illuminati, but the height of the new tower there is a tribute to the Illuminati as well.

Of course, the Big Brother biometric scanning mandate would be arriving in time to coincide with the completion today of the One World Trade Center in New York City.

Workers cheered and whistled as they completed the spire on the skyscraper that replaces the World Trade Center tower destroyed by the Illuminati on September 11, 2001.

The new One World Tower is one thousand, seven hundred and seventy six feet high. Supposedly the height is in celebration of the American Revolution. My guess is it’s in recognition of the Free Mason/Illuminati New World Order started in 1776 that they hope to complete in 2013.

Survey says….thorazine.

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