The Lumpkin Prayer Case Gets Worse

The Lumpkin Prayer Case Gets Worse May 18, 2013

Remember that situation a couple weeks ago at a school in Georgia where a coach and 50 student prayed together in his office for two hours as the students missed class? Things seem to have been much worse than originally indicated. The FFRF has written a letter to the school with new information from their investigation.

According to this letter, here are the new developments:

1. 12 teachers and staff members took part in the prayers, at least three of whom are related to members of the school board.

2. The whole thing lasted six hours, not just two, apparently on and off with different teachers and different students.

3. This isn’t the first time this school has had a problem with church/state violations, including Principal Conner. A New York Times article from 2006 tells the story of a biology teacher at the school being called into Conner’s office to talk about the teaching of evolution. According to that article, Conner took out his Bible and said he believed every word of it and asked the teacher if he did.

4. At least three people from outside the school were allowed to enter and join in the prayers, with one of them allegedly going into the cafeteria and telling other students that they should be in the gym praying too.

So this isn’t just a few students skipping class, it’s teachers leaving their classes to go have a prayer session in the gym. All with no reaction from the school administration and no disciplinary action at all. This story is going to get a whole lot bigger. I’d say it’s time for that school system to clean house in their administration.

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