Another Crazy City Council Candidate

Another Crazy City Council Candidate May 20, 2013

If you thought Princess Anna Pierre was bad, wait till you meet Richard Sheridan, a candidate for the Dallas City Council who received a whopping 28 votes for that office and then unleashed a bigoted tirade on a voicemail left for a local reporter.

In the voicemail left over the weekend, Sheridan tells reporter Dan Koller that he’s “extremely happy” that “Sodomite” Leland Burk lost to Jennifer Staubach Gates.

“You know, you didn’t post the fact, communicate to voters that he’s gay, and I think I did a pretty good job of communicating to voters,” Sheridan, who only received 28 votes, opines. “You, sir, are cunt, bitch, coward, Mr. Koller. Dan Koller is a cunt, bitch, coward. And I don’t think you have one testicle, sir. You’re a sorry-ass, you’re a disgrace to our city, you’re a propagandist to the Sodomites.

“And when I see you, I’m not sure what I’m going to do, but minimally your eardrums will hurt, you motherfucker. Because the word fuck means abuse and if you’re in the gay lifestyle, the mothers that bring their children up in the world, wanting to do good, want to live a good life, and you go with the Sodomites? You motherfucker, cunt, coward Dan Koller.”

Gosh, I can’t imagine why he didn’t win the election.

"Of course, one must have the proper hat, and the long opera gloves."

Mikey Gets Email

Mikey Gets Email
"But keep the hat."

Mikey Gets Email
"Oooh, I think you're right!"

Mikey Gets Email

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  • jaxkayaker

    In Texas? I’m surprised he didn’t win.

  • dogmeat

    In Texas? I’m surprised he didn’t win.

    To liberal, practically a hippy.

  • gshelley

    At least he is just a city council candidate, and not the candidate for Lt Gov of Virginia.

  • slc1

    Re gshellley @ #3

    The Rethuglican candidate for Governor ain’t any better.

  • grumpyoldfart

    God told him he could be a Councillor and now that he’s got just 28 votes, well somebody has to take the blame – and it can’t be God or Richard Sheridan.

  • Larry

    He may not have been acceptable as a city council member but he’d make one hell of a teabagger.

  • Scott Hanley

    “To repeat this message, press 1”

    That made me bust my gut!

  • dingojack

    And the reporter – um – reported it. Good going genius!


  • lldayo

    Hey, he was only saying what he and 27 other cock, bastard, assholes were thinking. Although, I have to question his use of the term motherfucker when speaking about a gay male.

  • “And I don’t think you have one testicle, sir. “

    …I think you have the normal number of testicles.

  • slc1

    By the way, an interesting tidbit, the winner, one Jennifer Staubach Gates, is the daughter of former Dallas Cowboy’s quarterback Roger Staubach,.

  • @9: If I understand the tirade correctly, Leland Burk, another candidate for the office, is gay. The reporter, Dan Koller, is the motherfucker.

  • Moggie


    …I think you have the normal number of testicles.

    Greater than the average number, in fact!

  • yoav

    Such eloquence, I can defiantly see a WND column and a fix noise contributor gig in his future.

  • David C Brayton

    Speaking of Texas…lots of tornado activity today and all of it was in “pro-family” states. If God really hates gays and marriage equality, he has a funny way of showing it.

  • dan4

    This doesn’t sound that much removed from one of Michael Savage’s typical rants on his radio show.