Obamacare Has Killed a Million People!

Obamacare Has Killed a Million People! May 20, 2013

That is the headline of an email sent by Charisma Media on behalf of Capitol Hill Daily, the extremely far right “news” site run by Floyd Brown, the guy who brought you the Citizens United ruling. With no evidence, or even a specific claim, whatsoever, it declares that Obamacare “just killed its millionth person.”

Obamacare Just Killed its Millionth Person…

Dear Concerned Citizen,

The eleventh hour is upon us.

In the coming weeks, the full impact of Obamacare will take effect.

I’ve seen what’s coming and it’s scary. It’s a lethal dose of socialism being injected directly into the heart of the American health insurance market.

Heck, it’s already wreaking havoc. By our estimates, Obamacare has already killed a million people by further straining an already weak healthcare system.

There is no mention at all of how they came up with that estimate, no explanation at all of how it may have killed anyone. That would require data and logical reasoning, which, as everyone knows, make the baby Jesus and Lee Greenwood cry.

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  • One thing we can be sure of is that their “calculations” did not include how many people died because millions of people are uninsured and unable to afford routine preventative medical care.

  • zippythepinhead

    2.5 million Americans die each year. Obamacare has done nothing to change that statistic, so clearly every death is now a result of Obamacare. Run over by a truck? Obamacare! A 104-year-old dies of heart failure? Obamacare! The horror will never stop.

  • dingojack

    So the world should be rid of all those pesky Americans in another 312 years or more.




    The CDC notes that in 2010 there were 2,468,435 deaths in America. Does this mean ‘Obamacare’ increased mortality by about 50% (and nobody except a lone wingnut on the Grassy Knoll noticed) or that it actually reduced the mortality to under 50% of the normal rate?

  • @zippythepinhead, #2:

    You can’t prove that the 104 year old run over by a truck wouldn’t have been saved before Obamacare death panels! ZOMG!

  • Abby Normal

    Maybe he thinks Obamacare is the codename for Predator drones. He didn’t say it was a million Americans.

  • raven

    AFAIK, Obamacare hasn’t even started yet.

    It would be impossible for the program to kill anyone.

  • raven

    Women’s Longevity Declining in Parts of the US – Truthout

    truth-out. org/news /…/12901-womens-longevity-declining-in-parts-of-the…‎

    Nov 22, 2012 – Women’s Longevity Declining in Parts of the US … American public health is that women’s life expectancy is shrinking in many parts of the U.S. …

    Oddly enough, the Tea Party and fundie xianity are killing white women in the millions range.

    Not directly of course. But the average life spans of white women in rural parts of the south and west is declining sharply.

    This hasn’t happened in about forever in the USA. We’ve seen life spans increase 30 years in the last century.

    The mechanism is obscure. It’s thought that it might be access to affordable health care but they need to do more research.

  • Larry

    It would be impossible for the program to kill anyone.

    Silly person. With your “facts” and your “logic”. This is must be true because some RW jagoff on the intertubez said it was.

  • dingojack

    Raven – have you forgotten the Presidential Time-machine & Mind-control Device™?

    Well of course you have! Just look at this camera-flash thingy for a sec [Puts on sunglasses]

    🙂 Dingo

  • francesc

    Not sure why I haven’t unsuscribed yet (i’m from europe), probably because sometimes they are tragically funny (like this time)

    So… I got e-mail from “speaker alert” (republicans) telling me that we should oppose obamacare because TAXES! and POOR COMPANIES! wich will lose money. So far pretty expected. Then they finish saying that Obamacare is leaving 30 millions US citizens withouth a healthcare plan. WTF? Do they think that citizens are stupid? Is there anyone out there thinking that republicans care about poor citizen’s healthcare plan?

  • Why are they dying? By further straining an already weak healthcare system!

    Why is the healthcare system already weak? All the socialism that’s already there!

    What’s that socialism that’s already there? Medicare!

    Come on, patriots, ride down to DC right this very instant on your electric scooters and demand that they get rid of Medicare!

    Hello? Hello?

    Where’d all the patriots go?

  • @raven, #6:

    THAT’S how bad it is! It killed a million people before it ever began!

    When Obamacare finally starts and it turns out to be an enormous noxious-smoke-spewing engine of brass and bone bound with profane magicks that will enslave us and force us to make offerings of blood, we’ll look back on the good times when it had only killed a million people.

  • francesc “Is there anyone out there thinking that republicans care about poor citizen’s healthcare plan?”

    They do! That’s why all their recent budget plans (The Ryan Plan, The Ryan Plan II: Electric Boogaloo, Ryan III: Plan Hard with a Vengeance) involve gutting Medicaid and passing it to the States as block grants with few rules and little oversight, so that those States don’t have to spend federal Medicaid money on Medicaid.

    They care that much. True story.

  • dingojack

    Modus asked “Where’d all the patriots go?”

    ‘Gone to graveyards ev’ryone

    When will they ever learn?

    When will they ever learn?’



    Apologies to Pete Seager.

  • raven

    medicalnews. com:

    Female Life Span Going Down In Some Parts Of The U.S.

    Article Date: 05 Mar 2013 – 9:00 PST

    Life expectancy among some women in the U.S. is steadily declining, according to the latest research published in the journal Health Affairs.

    The study indicates that in almost half of the country’s counties, women under the age of 75 are dying at rates higher than before.

    This is the first study of its kind to identify the trend, which is particularly evident among low-income white women.

    More on the killers stalking white women in the USA.

    The target group is low income, low education white women in rural areas of the south and west.

    You couldn’t get closer to the Tea Party and fundie xian demographic if you tried.

    This trend hasn’t received much attention. Who knows, maybe as long as the right wing extremists are just killing their own, no one else cares.

  • caseloweraz

    Well of course there’s no explanation in the e-mail. Can’t bloat an e-mail all up with those reams of data and explanations. Concerned citizens can get the 82-page PDF at the linked Web site — for a few dollars more.

    “Rock of Ages, cleft for me

    For a slightly higher fee.”

    – Tom Paxton, “Forest Lawn”

  • I got my obamacare and now my whore pills are free buy my death panels came back negative, which I think means I overstrained my heath care system. What should I do?

  • smhll

    Are they using “person” to mean someone who won’t be born for another six or seven months?

  • There’s some fundie preacher who claims satinists each year kidnap a million children around Halloween to sacrifice in their fabric-related rituals.

    Obviously Americans are used to one million people disappearing over a few days, so a million simply dying over a year isn’t much of a stretch.

    Maybe they’re counting as part of the million all the people who are killed by bad guys with guns because Obama has taken all the good guys’ guns?

  • It’s not true. Until Glennie Bek SEZ it’s true.

    I wonder if the million dead include those who are disappeared into ObamaFEMA Deathcamps?

  • howardhershey

    Well, this was so crazy nutso that I did a superficial check. At the very least there is a senior reporter by that name at the Capitol Hill Daily who has written about and disagrees with Obamacare. The Capitol Hill Daily is owned by or part of a group that includes the Wall Street Daily. The following gives a flavor of the way it claims to be able to rig the system.


  • cag

    Of course nobody notices the missing million, they are being replaced by muslims (50 million at last count).

    / sarcasm