Obamacare Has Killed a Million People!

Obamacare Has Killed a Million People! May 20, 2013

That is the headline of an email sent by Charisma Media on behalf of Capitol Hill Daily, the extremely far right “news” site run by Floyd Brown, the guy who brought you the Citizens United ruling. With no evidence, or even a specific claim, whatsoever, it declares that Obamacare “just killed its millionth person.”

Obamacare Just Killed its Millionth Person…

Dear Concerned Citizen,

The eleventh hour is upon us.

In the coming weeks, the full impact of Obamacare will take effect.

I’ve seen what’s coming and it’s scary. It’s a lethal dose of socialism being injected directly into the heart of the American health insurance market.

Heck, it’s already wreaking havoc. By our estimates, Obamacare has already killed a million people by further straining an already weak healthcare system.

There is no mention at all of how they came up with that estimate, no explanation at all of how it may have killed anyone. That would require data and logical reasoning, which, as everyone knows, make the baby Jesus and Lee Greenwood cry.

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