Who’ll Stop the Rain for Obama?

Who’ll Stop the Rain for Obama? May 21, 2013

In case you had some doubts as to whether the wingnuts could lose their mind over something even more petty, stupid and hypocritical than that “fallen eagle” nonsense last week, I present to you: Umbrellagate. The latest right wing freakout is over a Marine on President Obama’s detail holding an umbrella to keep the rain off him during a press conference. Jim Hoft, the dumbest man on the internet, gets the ball rolling:

Barack Obama loves the troops… To hold his umbrella.

Then he doubles down with a second post and says that “even the queen holds her own umbrella…but not Barack.” The denizens of Free Republic chime in with their usual charm:

Why? Because he’s a pussy ass foreign born unconstitutionally elected communist faggot…

Holy shet, I cannot convey how much this ticks me off, it’s impossible. If this subhuman piece of pig vomit was ANY kind of a man, he could have quite easily held the umbrella HIMSELF. But being that he’s such a narcissistic dooshbag, and probably because he wanted to impress the Islamo to his right, he chose instead to ATTEMPT to humiliate this hero: This Marine whose air Obama isn’t fit to breathe much less stand next to…

This should be the icing on the cake for anyone that gave this man (and I use that term very lightly) even a scintilla of the benefit of the doubt!

This poor Marine has been embarrassed in front of the entire country!

Mr. Obama, you sir are an embarrassment to this great republic. And, as you have no scruples, no shame, no morals, we can’t even expect you to do the manly thing and step down.

To you, sir, the soldier who was forced by the commander-in-chief to lower yourself to do his bidding, I take it upon myself to apologize for all whom you serve to say, thank you for your service, and we are very sorry you were put in that position.

By the way, it is illegal to order a marine to hold an umbrella!…

obamma is queer. they touch guys. they git guys to do personal stuff for them. whatever…

If it were George W. Bush, HE would be holding the umbrella for the MARINE.

Psst. Guys…


Seriously, the well of stupidity and hypocrisy is absolutely bottomless. But to be fair, none of the other presidents who had Marines hold umbrellas for them were black.

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