Wiles: Damn Commies Are Ripping Our Hearts Out

Wiles: Damn Commies Are Ripping Our Hearts Out May 31, 2013

Rick Wiles of TruNews is upset. Very upset. You see, the Boy Scouts letting gay teens join is not, to him, just a matter of disobeying God. Oh no. It’s the “Marxist-Communists” who have taken over the country “ripping the heart out of the American people.”

Wiles: This is what the God-hating socialists in this country is doing to the fabric of America; they’re ripping the heart out of the American people.

Stemberger: Yes. That’s exactly right and it breaks my hear. It literally breaks my heart.

Wiles: You know John, what is really sad about this is that the Marxist-Communists that are in control of this country right now – I mean, I don’t know how you feel, but we really are under a Communist revolution. And if anybody is around fifty to a hundred years from now and looks back, they’re going to go ‘wow, there was a Communist revolution taking place at the beginning of the 21st century.’ And whether we survive it or not, that remains to be determined.

But that sad thing is that the Marxist-Communists in America have won on this issue regardless of what happens. Because if parents keep their boys in the Boy Scouts, the Communists have still won because the boys will be eventually lead towards accepting homosexuality. They’re going to destroy the moral culture of hundreds of thousands of boys all over America.

But if parents pull their children out, the Marxist-Communists have won also because they’ve destroyed a fine organization that for more than a hundred years has stood for honor and integrity and God and country. So either way, the Marxist-Communists have won on this issue.

Stemberger: Yep. Yep. It’s very sad.

You can almost hear the crocodile tears falling sadly on the cover of his well-worn Scofield reference Bible. I love the sound of wingnuts crying in the morning.

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