Wingnuts: Russian Authoritarians Are ‘Christian Saviors’

Wingnuts: Russian Authoritarians Are ‘Christian Saviors’ June 6, 2013

First we had Bradlee Dean saying that Muslims who put gay people to death are “more moral than even the American Christians.” Now we have Larry Jacobs of the World Congress of Families — no families with gay people allowed, of course — claiming that Russia not only a model for what we should do in America but are he “Christian saviors” of the world for their anti-gay laws.

Jacobs: The Russians might be the Christian saviors to the world; at the UN they really are the ones standing up for these traditional values of family and faith.

Wiles: Well look the city government of Moscow passed a 100 year ban on gay parades.

Jacobs: And the homosexual propaganda—the law in the Russian Duma it passed on first reading, it would ban propaganda to minors, preventing them from corrupting children. What a great idea and the rest of Europe is going the other way, legalizing LGBT propaganda.

Wiles, of course, is one of those conspiracy nuts who thinks the government is going to round up Christians and put them in concentration camps if they say anything anti-gay (somehow he’s still a free man, however). Yet he endorses crushing the free speech rights of equality advocates. Consistency? Silly rabbit, consistency is for rational people. Oh, and then there’s this:

Wiles: We could do a 24 hour talkathon on the attack on families around the world; do you believe that there is a coordinated plan, attack, war on the basic concept of families?

Jacobs: Absolutely. Obviously there are some at high levels that are quite aware of the strategy, but even those that aren’t are implicitly participating in this strategy because everything that the far-left promotes from homosexual marriage to radical environmentalism to a socialist/communist approach to big government, all of these things require the breakdown of the family. The family, I think it was Chesterton that said that the family is the only natural unit that reproduces itself and therefore it is always a threat to the state, it is always a threat to freedom, to totalitarianism; it promotes freedom and liberty. Wherever you see radical leftists, radical environmentalists, radical feminists and radical LGBT groups all together it’s because they have an active agenda to break the family apart. Rabbi Daniel Lapin said this, it’s not just a Christian concept but it’s Judeo-Christian and it goes across various cultures. Rabbi Lapin said it’s not that they’re stupid and don’t understand what the family stands for, that’s the very reason that they’re against the family because it radically opposes their leftist agenda.

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