Noah’s Ark Park Aims for Plausibility

Noah’s Ark Park Aims for Plausibility June 7, 2013

The proposed Noah’s Ark theme park in Kentucky is nowhere near the amount of money needed to actually start the project, but they’re working hard on planning and design. Reuters amusingly reports that their goal is to show just how plausible the Biblical flood story is.

In an office park in Hebron, Kentucky, the designers of the proposed “Ark Encounter” theme park are trying to answer questions like these in order to build faith in the Bible’s literal accuracy. The project has run into delays because of lack of financing, which could cost it millions in potential tax breaks. Despite the uncertainty, a recent Reuters preview of the project showed that plans for the ark are continuing.

“We’re basically presenting what the Bible has to say and showing how plausible it was,” said Patrick Marsh, design director for the park, which will feature a 500-foot-long wooden ark and other Old Testament attractions, including a Tower of Babel and a “Ten Plagues” ride. “This was a real piece of history – not just a story, not just a legend.”

Yeah, good luck with that. If you can do it without invoking miracles, you’ll be the first. The claim that there was once a global flood that killed off everything on earth other than 8 humans and the animals they put in a boat isn’t just wrong, it’s utterly moronic.

Scientists have cataloged 1.3 million species of animals, but Ark Encounter protagonists figure Noah could have brought on just 1,000 to 2,000 pairs to represent every animal “kind,” as the Bible puts it.

“If you start with a wolf, you can basically generate all of these dog-like kinds,” said Marsh. As for large animals like dinosaurs, Marsh said Noah could have brought them on as eggs or juveniles, to save room.

Wouldn’t you love to have been there when Noah tried to get a dinosaur egg away from its mother? And I’d love to hear how they explain beetles. There are literally hundreds of thousands of identified species of beetles in the world and probably many times that many that have yet to be identified. If they started with two of the beetle “kind” 4500 years ago, that’s a speciation rate of one every few hours.

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