That Rigorous, Scientific ‘Ex-Gay’ Research

That Rigorous, Scientific ‘Ex-Gay’ Research June 7, 2013

I posted the other day about Jerry Mungadze, the therapist who claims to be able to change the brains of gay patients to straight brains. So he took brainscans and compared them before and after, right? Nope. As Warren Throckmorton notes, he has his patients use a coloring book. Yes, I’m serious. Here’s a video of Mungadze explaining how he does this:


Throckmorton, who is a psychologist himself, finds this pretty laughable:

Note that patients color in a map of the brain and Mungadze reads the map like a projective test. Apparently, pink relates to femininity, red to anger/aggression, and so on. He says he can tell gay people apart from straights; and when they revert to heterosexuality, he can tell by how they color between the lines.

Who needs brain scans when you have crayons?…

As for the theory of the brain revealing itself via colors chosen by patients, I know of nothing to support it. Projective tests in general are not reliable and this one in particular looks like a method invented by Mungadze without reference to research or validation.

If he really believes that he can change the brains of his patients, do a real test. Have brain scans done before and after therapy. If it really works, he will be proven right. You know why he won’t do that? Because he knows he’s full of shit.

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