MassResistance Praises Nigerian Anti-Gay Bill

MassResistance Praises Nigerian Anti-Gay Bill June 12, 2013

Most of the anti-gay right at least pretends not to be barbaric theocrats who want to throw gay people in prison (if they’re lucky) or put them to death. Not MassResistance, the astonishingly bigoted group from Massachusetts. They positively adore Nigeria for passing a bill that puts people in prison merely for advocating gay rights.

The government of Nigeria, which has one of the world’s largest populations of AIDS sufferers, is outraged by what they feel is the Western world’s efforts to subvert public morality. They are now taking bold steps to fight back.

Almost predictably, Great Britain and the United States are threatening to take action against Nigeria for having the nerve to challenge Western political correctness.

On Thursday, May 30 the Nigerian House passed a bill which outlaws and provides jail terms for homosexual activism, public homosexual behavior, and anyone entering into or conducting a “gay marriage.”…

In many ways, the Africans are feeling the brunt of the world-wide homosexual activist movement even more than the United States. They are dealing with the huge spread of AIDS. But also, the breakdown in society caused by the homosexual movement seems to bring more general social destruction in African cultures than in the West. And nation after nation has had enough.

Luckily, they’re not intimidated by the West.

First of all, the spread of AIDS in Africa is almost always due to straight people, not gay people. But boy, it sure is “lucky” that they’re not “intimidated” by the notion that gay people actually have human rights or something.

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