Mikey Gets Email

Mikey Gets Email June 12, 2013

Here’s an amusing bit of crazy emailed to Mikey Weinstein last week. What is it about these people not getting acronyms right? I bet at least half of the crazy email he gets refers to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation as MFRR. That’s really not that difficult, is it?

> Three of my children are in the armed forces. They tell me how their chaplains have told them that you and the MFRR want to take Christ away from the military. They all fear you. Many military fear you. Even the generals and Congressmen. I do not. My church does not. My church supports the military. Our pastor has researched all about you and that MFRR. At this mornings sermon he told us all what he had discovered. Your a jew. You have a sick wife and some children. Sons and Daughters. Your loving arabs and there violent faith of Allah. Your in New Mexico. Your loving the homos and want them to be equal. To normal people of faith and be married. You love abortions and the doctors who do them. Your a atheist probably too. Your a communist sympathiser. Your a leftist pretending to be a Republican. You hate Jesus Christ and all who worship Him. You have a very strong power from your darkness. You are clever and hard to trap. you just scared the Air Force into taking down all painting of Americas and the Worlds only True Savior the Lord Jesus Christ. Unbelieveable hate mixed with the power of anti-christ. Pastor tells us It is very likely that you are demon possessed. Or are even the very dark one himself. Satan get thee behind me. As Pastor said by Ephesians 4:27! No wonder so many fear you. And your satan army of that MFRR. But our Army of Christ is very much stronger Mikey Weinstein. All of this has been prophesied. Your trapped and doomed. Our pastor told us of your cripple wife. No doubt having multipole sclerosis is a just punishment for your evil. Oh but she does deserves it and more suffering too. Soon. He said you have sons and daughters too. They are all part of it too. We have a good and blessed plan for you now. We have prayed on it. Our church’s prayer chain is launched today. We will pray day and night for your fall. May you experience pain beyond all understanding. For eternity. May Christ Jesus take your wife and sons and daughters to hell this day. before your very eyes. May Christ Jesus take all who do there evil in that MFRR to hell this very day before your very eyes. May you live forever in flames as Christ Jesus sweeps you to hell eternal this very day. Pasor ended his sermon by saying that there is no amazing grace for a wretchs like you. Your wife. Your sons your daughters. And all of those in that MFRR. Your suffering for all time is fulfillment of His Word and Prophesy.

The spelling and grammar is exactly what one would expect.

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