King Lies About Greenwald

King Lies About Greenwald June 17, 2013

Rep. Peter King, one of the most ridiculous blowhards ever to serve in Congress, is flat out lying about Glenn Greenwald. He says Greenwald should be prosecuted for his role in the recent NSA spying revelations and he is inventing out of thin air a seriously defamatory claim:

HOST MEGYN KELLY: To take it another step and to say the journalists who published the information, the guys who published what he leaked, that they should face prosecution that is news. Do you believe that? Do you stand by that, both Greenwald and the Washington Post reporter?

KING: I’m talking about Greenwald. Greenwald, not only did he disclose this information he has said that he has the names of CIA agents and assets around the world and they’re threatening to disclose that. […]

KELLY: What is the difference between Glenn Greenwald who broke this story in the Guardian who is an American citizen but he’s living abroad and James Rosen and the Associated Press?

KING: James Rosen never said he was going to release information that was going to kill Americans. He was never going to disclose the names of CIA agents and operatives around the world the way Greenwald is saying he is threatening to do.

A blatant lie. Greenwald has never claimed that he had such information, much less that he would reveal it. In fact, he has said the exact opposite, that he would never reveal the identities of covert operatives even if he had it. King is just lying. Which is about as surprising as the sun coming up in the morning. And quite frankly, I think Greenwald should file a defamation suit over it. That is serious slander.

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