Rand Paul Cares About Christian Persecution

Rand Paul Cares About Christian Persecution June 18, 2013

Rand Paul spoke at this weekend’s Faith and Freedom Coalition conference and demanded an end to aid to countries that oppress Christians, noting that blasphemy laws are often used to persecute Christians in Muslim countries, especially those who convert from Islam to Christianity.

“It saddens me to see these countries that are supposedly our allies that they continue to persecute Christians. It angers me to see my tax dollars supporting regimes that put Christians to death for blasphemy against Islam, countries that put to death Muslims who convert to Christianity and counties who imprison anyone who marries outside their religion. I say no more money to countries that are doing that to Christians. There’s a war on Christianity, not only by the liberal elites here at home but worldwide.”

Funny, I’ve never heard Rand Paul say one word about the persecution of atheists under those same blasphemy laws, which happens all the time. He’s been completely silent on that score, even when he has the opportunity to address it as he does here. Are blasphemy laws only bad when they are used against Christians? I’ve also never heard him demanding an end to aid to countries that imprison and execute gay people. Apparently it’s only tyranny and oppression when it affects Christians.


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