Wingnut: Gay Rights Just Like Nazi Germany

Wingnut: Gay Rights Just Like Nazi Germany June 21, 2013

Larry Tomczak, the senior pastor of Christ the King Church in Atlanta, has an amusingly idiotic column in Charisma magazine in which he goes full Godwin. He seems to think that Christians are terrified to speak out against equal rights for gay people — wouldn’t that be nice? — and that this is, somehow, just like Nazi Germany.

Many leaders in our churches and ministries today are backing up and unfortunately remaining silent in the midst of crisis. Succumbing to fear, intimidation and political correctness, they are remaining silent and saying, “Well, let’s just preach the gospel and trust that everything will work out.” The Great Commission and Cultural Commission (“take dominion”) are two wings, but unfortunately one has been forgotten…

A few days ago, my wife’s father, who is in his early 90s, spoke something to me that had tremendous impact on my life. He is a committed Christian, an elder and part of what is oftentimes called “the Greatest Generation” due to their courageous stand against the Nazis in World War II. Joe and Anne have been married 68 years!

He’s never done this before, but he said he had a prophetic word to share with me. The core of it: “Why are leaders in our churches and ministries afraid to speak up in a charitable way concerning what’s happening regarding homosexuality today?”

It would do us well to recall that in Nazi Germany, only a small percentage of the people were part of the Nazi party. Amid the atrocities, the overwhelming majority were apathetic and afraid to speak up. Consider the consequences.

Is history repeating itself?

No, but stupid arguments are.

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