Barton Rewords Some of His Lies

Barton Rewords Some of His Lies June 25, 2013

Warren Throckmorton notes that David Barton has been quietly changing the audio on a Youtube video that shows him taking people on a tour of the capitol and delivering his usual litany of lies and half-truths about America being a Christian nation. He’s changed a whole bunch of his statements in the original video, usually weakening them so they’re not quite so dishonest.

One example: He has long claimed that 29 out of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence had seminary degrees. But he was counting any of them who went to a school that was founded as a seminary, as most schools then were, even if they got an entirely unrelated degree. Many of them, for example, had studied law at Harvard or Yale, which had been founded as seminaries. He’s now changed the language to say that those 29 men had degrees from schools that were started to train ministers. That’s more accurate, but still entirely irrelevant. Barack Obama went to Harvard, too; would it be in any way relevant to point out that he has a degree from a school that was started to train ministers? Would it be even remotely germane to his views on anything? Of course not. So while he’s gone from a flat out lie to a true statement, it’s still completely superfluous.

Here’s a chart of some of the changes:


You can see the changes in the two youtube clips below. The first one is the old one:


And the new one:


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  • I misread that as “Barton Rewards Some Of His Lies,” then tried to figure out who he might be rewarding.

  • “While Thomas Jefferson was Commander-in-Chief, the band played in the Sunday services.”

    While Abraham Lincoln was Commander-in-Chief, 600,000 Americans died violent deaths over a four-year period.

    While Franklin Roosevelt was Commander-in-Chief, 6 million Jews were murdered.

    While George W. Bush was Commander-in-Chief, 3,000 people died horrific deaths in the World Trade Center and Pentagon.

    While Bill Clinton was Commander-in-Chief, I was mugged and brutally beaten by four guys while walking near my college campus.

  • criticaldragon1177

    Ed Brayton

    So basically David Barton has changed his videos and lied about what he said in the first place, rather than admit he was wrong? Yet another reason not to trust him, rather than admit that he was wrong, ( assuming he actually believed what he said in the first place ) when someone shows him to be wrong to the point of embarrassment, He basically just tries to make it look like he never said it, rather than admit he was wrong. Some “historian”

  • Ridiculous! Barton said that those 29 men had degrees from schools that were started to train ministers. Barton has ALWAYS said that those 29 men had degrees from schools that were started to train ministers. Also, we have always been at war with Eurasia.

  • tubi

    “While Woodrow Wilson was Commander-in-Chief, Christy Mathewson went 68 straight innings without issuing a walk.”

    Irrelevance is fun!

  • erichoug

    The thing I really hate about Barton is that they make everything and everyone seem like it is a black and white issue. Isn’t it possible the Jefferson was a very intelligent and complicated man and that his attitude towards God an religion don’t easily fit into one of the two categories that you subscribe to, I.E. Religious Zealot or New Atheist?

    It is also extremely possibly that many of the Founding Fathers WERE extremely devout Christians who also harbored an absolute terror of state enforced religion as many of them were themselves victims of religious persecution and were smart enough to realize that the best thing to do was to keep government out of peoples beliefs.

    These people who want the US to be a “Christian” nation have absolutely no idea what they are asking for. Once we are a “Christian” nation do we abide by Papal edict or do the Baptists get the final word. What about the Mormons and the 7th day adventists?

    The history of Europe is written in religious massacre by people who were all “Christian”.

  • Good grief: by that standard, my B.Sc. (EE) was actually in theology. Who knew?

    (Ie: because the university I got it from started as a Presbyterian seminary — about 100 years earlier).

  • CaitieCat

    I’m pretty sure that makes my BA in Linguistics into a theology degree too, as I believe my university started as a seminary in Toronto, before moving to its present location. Might be Presbyterian, my lizard-brain is mumbling. Might be Anglicans. Some sort of good, stodgy, Orange-as-Boehner’s-skin Protestant something-or-other.

  • CaitieCat

    Hm. Just checked, seems it was Baptists. From the Font of All Human Knowledge:

    McMaster University was incorporated under the terms of an act of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in 1887, merging the Toronto Baptist College with Woodstock College. It opened in Toronto in 1890. Inadequate facilities and the gift of land in Hamilton prompted the institution to relocate in 1930.[8] McMaster was controlled by the Baptist Convention of Ontario and Quebec until it became a privately chartered, publicly funded non-denominational institution in 1957.

    So, at least less likely to be Orange, anyway.

  • Nemo

    Jefferson’s policy was to get the Indians in debt so they would trade land for debt relief.


    Although as I think about it, this was probably the enlightened, progressive approach, compared to the more traditional “let’s just kill them”.

  • Whereas I was at Queen’s — which I think would be as Orange as you can get.

  • thebookofdave

    Barack Obama went to Harvard, too; would it be in any way relevant to point out that he has a degree from a school that was started to train ministers?

    Of course not! That would be dishonest. Harvard had long abandoned its original mission of training freedom fighters to defend Christian society in the new republic from the corrosive effects of creeping secularism. Now it’s a madrassa.