PA Republicans Use ‘God’s Law’ to Silence Colleague

PA Republicans Use ‘God’s Law’ to Silence Colleague July 1, 2013

In the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, time is set aside when the members can take the floor to speak on whatever subject they like (like the U.S. House does with “special order” speeches). But they can be stopped from speaking if just one of their colleagues objects. Look what happened when a gay legislator got up to talk about the DOMA ruling:

Openly gay state Rep. Brian Sims, D-Philadelphia, was blocked from talking about the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Defense of Marriage Act Wednesday on the floor of the Pennsylvania House.

His comments to his colleagues were ended by a procedural maneuver…

It takes just one legislator to end the impromptu remarks. Rep. Daryl Metcalfe was one of the House Republicans who objected.

“I did not believe that as a member of that body that I should allow someone to make comments such as he was preparing to make that ultimately were just open rebellion against what the word of God has said, what God has said, and just open rebellion against God’s law,” said Metcalfe, R-Butler.

Mr. Metcalfe, you are a theocratic asshole — just like the god you invented to believe in because he confirms all the things you want to be true.

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