Mefferd Wants to Make America Like Senegal

Mefferd Wants to Make America Like Senegal July 3, 2013

Wingnut talk show host Janet Mefferd sighs wistfully as she links to an article about the country of Senegal making homosexuality illegal. “Oh to be Senegalese,” she pines. Hey, there’s nothing stopping you from moving there, Janet. Or to any of the other 70 some countries that criminalize being gay, most of them Muslim. In some of them, they actually stone them to death. Wouldn’t that be fun for you, you fascist theocrat?

But the real fun is in the article she linked to, which is on Tucker Carlson’s Daily Caller rag. The headline reads “Senegalese president shoots down Obama’s push for gay rights in Africa,” but the URL and thus likely the original headline was “Obama Makes Same-Sex Marriage Gaffe in Senegal.” I have no idea why anyone would think this was a “gaffe,” but that’s the sort of stupid thing the Daily Caller likes to say. Here’s what happened:

During his first visit to Africa as president, Barack Obama took the opportunity to champion same-sex marriage, despite the fact that he was speaking in a country where homosexuality is forbidden and a punishable crime.

Senegalese President Macky Sall rebuffed Obama’s urging by saying that although his country is “very tolerant,” it is not ready to decriminalize homosexuality.

Yeah, they’re “very tolerant.” They throw gay people in prison for five years, but they’re “very tolerant.” Just like I’m “very vegetarian.”

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