‘Ex-Gay’ Declares Obama, Kennedy, Kagan Gay

‘Ex-Gay’ Declares Obama, Kennedy, Kagan Gay July 7, 2013

Bradlee Dean seems to found someone as batshit crazy and unethical as he is in Greg Quinlan an “ex-gay” leader who came on Dean’s radio show and declared that President Obama, Justice Anthony Kennedy and Justice Elena Kagan are all gay “on the down low.” His evidence? “Rumors.”

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Oh, and gay Nazis.

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And Rachel Maddow is both butch and femme, but also a Nazi:

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  • To be fair, Ed, if they are gay (and we know that they are, because rumors) they can’t be objective and should retire. And they should also reverse all the decisions they made that I disagreed with. And, Constitutionally, Obama must self-impeach. That’s how it works.

  • rmsc

    That guy is so jealous that Rachel Maddow can be honest about her sexuality.

  • sc_65f8911b3f9668983b552342a6224c7e

    “So and so is gay!” “So and so is a Nazi!” did he learn his debating skills on a third grade playground?

  • Ellie

    Rumor hath it that Bradlee Dean enjoys sexually molesting chickens and eats kittens for Sunday dinner.

  • At least Quinlan had the sense to correct the notion that Rachel Maddow wants little boys.

  • Draken

    @Ellie, do you mean that Bradlee Dean was possibly involved if Glenn Beck raped and killed a girl in 1990?

  • shouldbeworking

    When I first read the title, I thought that it like the Mormons baptizing dead people.

  • Why are people so concerned about eachother’s sexuality? It sounds like a sick side-effect of homophobia.

  • Ellie


    That’s what the rumors say, so it must be true.

  • Randomfactor

    How’d he get those two Justices and miss Roberts? It SO explains the Prop 8 vote and the Obamacare cavein.

  • Who Knows?

    This is the continuation of the long tradition of accusing anyone who defends or stands up for gay men and women of being gay themselves. At one time, this had some power, the accusation of being a homosexual often meant consequences for the accused. Bradlee Dean and those like him, don’t have the sense to realize that at this point in history, the label homosexual no longer has that power.

    These people are fighting the ending of the stigma, shaming and ostracization of homosexuals and it is almost funny that they are using this ineffective weapon against the people they oppose. Well, if it wasn’t so pathetic it would be funny.

  • tbp1


    the label homosexual no longer has that power.

    I wouldn’t go that far; much depends on where you happen to be and among what kind of crowd.

    But still it’s certainly fair to say it has much less power, and less all the time.

  • dan4

    @11: To be fair, there’s an equally “long tradition” of “homophobe”=”closet homosexual.” Both “traditions” are equally annoying.

  • dan4

    For clarification purposes, I meant that it’s long been a case that if someone is homophobic, then it’s guaranteed that people will say that they are “in the closet.”

  • Who Knows?

    tb1, I agree entirely.

    dan4, yes. The idea that virulent anti-gay means deeply closeted is another tradition that needs end. It perpetuates the idea that same sex relationships are wrong and demonstrates a lack of understanding what it is to be gay.

  • Jeremy Shaffer

    dan4- It is just annoying and, often, just as wrong-headed and it shouldn’t be a go-to retort when homophobic people launch a screed. However, how many times have we heard a person spout homophobic garbage only to later be found engaging in the very thing they vilify?

    Again, this is not to say that suggesting a homophobic bigot is in the closet is in any way alright, just that there is a little more supporting evidence that such could be the case than there is for the claim that a person that supports LGBTQ rights must be secretly gay themselves.

  • atheist

    @dan4 – July 7, 2013 at 2:29 pm (UTC -4)

    For clarification purposes, I meant that it’s long been a case that if someone is homophobic, then it’s guaranteed that people will say that they are “in the closet.”

    I understand where you’re coming from here, but that stereotype would be less popular if it didn’t turn out to be true so surprisingly often.

  • tbp1
  • CaitieCat

    Or, once again, confirmation bias is peeking up, and everybody goes along with it, because the cases where the homophobes don’t turn out to be gay don’t make the fucking news.

    But yeah, you go right on believing it’s all queerfolks’ own fault for homophobes. I’m sure you’re utterly immune to confirmation bias, unlike all other people.

  • I feel bad, wish we still had sedition laws in this country.

  • gshevlin

    When is Bradlee Dean going to STFU and pay the money that the courts ordered him to remit after his spanking over his attempted lawsuit against Rachel Maddow?

  • “It sounds like a sick side-effect of homophobia.”

    You sure are a perceptive one.

  • “To be fair, there’s an equally “long tradition” of “homophobe”=”closet homosexual.” Both “traditions” are equally annoying.”

    I think it’s safe to say that many if not most homophobes are, at the very least, using their homophobia as a defense mechanism against possible homoerotic feelings they may experience and/or as overcompensation for doubts about their masculinity (see also: guns, war). Of course this doesn’t mean they’re all closeted and hiring rent boys, but I think discomfort with sexuality explains a great deal of the pathology that is homophobia.

    That said, while it’s fun to pour salt on the wounds by accusing these people of being closeted, I agree that it’s unfair to actual, non-bigoted closeted gays, as if they need some reason to feel shame.

  • criticaldragon1177

    Ed Brayton

    Wow if this guy seriously thinks he can stop himself from being gay, we should listen to him since he’s such an “expert” on homosexuality.

    Seriously through someone should ask Greg Quinlan, why it wasn’t tyranny when the supreme court struck down segregation in Brown VS Board of education, assuming he’s not a racist as well as a homophobe.

  • criticaldragon1177

    #3 Namowal

    You wrote,


    “So and so is gay!” “So and so is a Nazi!” did he learn his debating skills on a third grade playground?


    Its a typical tactic of people like Greg Quinlan. They often resort to name calling in a pathetic attempt to demonize, when their other lies don’t work.

  • criticaldragon1177

    Ed Brayton

    Come to think of it, I imagine that Rachel Maddow could seriously have a lot of fun with this.

  • caseloweraz

    That cause would be the third album by the North Carolina band Arrogance, released in 1976 — as opposed to Rumours, Fleetwood Mac’s 11th album?