Jackson: My Bigotry is Taken Out of Context!

Jackson: My Bigotry is Taken Out of Context! July 8, 2013

E.W. Jackson, Republican nominee for lt. governor of Virginia, says that his long track record of saying incredibly bigoted things about gay people was all “taken out of context.” Isn’t it amazing how every now-embarrassing statement magically becomes out of context when it needs to be?


Right Wing Watch correctly points out that Jackson has said incredibly vile things about gay people, not just gay rights activists, including calling them “very sick people” and saying that homosexuality “poisons society” and will bring God’s punishment on the country.

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  • matty1

    Just so we’re clear it is pronounced eeeew Jackson isn’t it?

  • Chiroptera

    Are we sure he knows what “taken out of context” means? Reading these clowns when they need to backtrack, I get the impression they just heard the phrase when other people said them in similar situations.

    On a more serious note, is this a good sign when candidates for statewide office need to distance themselves from their worst vile statements about LGBT?

  • tuxedocartman

    I’d say that E. W. Jackson is a self-absorbed, uninteresting little twerp blessed with only half the charisma god gave your average dung beetle, and society would be better off if he were stuffed in a sack and dumped into the Atlantic… but I wouldn’t want to be taken out of context either. (For clarification, I do not support polluting our waters further, and my only use for god is as a literary device).

  • If there were* a GOD in heaven he might put down his “Nectar-O’-The Gods'” Summer Sampler tallboy and say, while selecting a smallish, “personal catastrophe–aneurysm” sized lightning bolt:

    “FUCK**! I guess that line of devolution is closed off too! Hey. Gabriel! Beer ME! or I’ll turn ya into a FUCKIN’ pillar of salt!!”

    * I use the “were”, not in the pretentious sense of someone trying to demonstrate my superior understandment of teh English, but, rather,also, too to properly honor the inexplicable tri-unitarianismishness of the one True GOD!!

    ** Yes, he would curse in “all caps”.

  • Mr Ed

    What would be the correct context that wouldn’t show these quotes to be bigoted? Does he really mean that the correct context was for a bigoted audience?

  • If only you would let Jackson explain:

    “The context in which I made these statements was when I was openly showing contempt for gay people. Now these statements are being taken out of that context and being repeated in the context of me as a candidate for public office. That’s very unfair because I wouldn’t admit these things as a political candidate, but now everyone is trying to put my own words in my mouth, even though my words were spoken when I wasn’t a candidate. See… different context”

    Reminds me of pols who claim they’re victims of a “gotcha” question because they’re being rightly ridiculed for saying something incredibly stupid or offensive.

  • jamessweet

    “The context in which I said those things was that I was addressing a bunch of people who agreed with my bigotry. Of course I would never say such things in a context where I felt it would be a political liability! Damn YouTube…”

  • I think by “out of context,” he means, “I didn’t realize the cameras were recording me when I was saying what I really think.”

  • Larry

    Queue blaming the lamestream media and out-of-state libtards in 3.. 2.. 1..

  • John Pieret

    So he is only against “The rabid radical homosexual activist movement [which] is really trying to fundamentally change our culture.”

    Didn’t the White Citizens Counsel say something very like that about those fighting segregation? Why yes they did:


  • @Mr Ed #5 – “What would be the correct context that wouldn’t show these quotes to be bigoted?”

    That is an excellent question that I wish more reporters would ask.

  • “Taken out of context” has become a card to these people. “Get out of criticism free.” Kind of like the “I was only joking” card. They think you just speak the magic words, place the card on the table, and a hologram of a 4000 Defense Point monster will spring up to protect their political life points. They do this because they heard others say those words in defense, without understanding of what happened.

    The problem is that “taken out of context” is an English phrase. It isn’t an eldritch incantation. It isn’t an elven forest prayer. It isn’t a Klingon opera. It isn’t some activation phrase for a superhero transformation sequence, summoning your collectable monsters, or for powering up your giant mecha. It isn’t just some gibberish an author threw together because he thought it sounded cool. That phrase expresses an idea. It has a specific meaning that is supposed to be commonly understood by English speakers.

    Stuff like this just tells me that wingnuts don’t actually understand language. They’re just parroting English speakers. But that comparison would be insulting to parrots.

  • Chiroptera

    Bronze Dog, #12: They’re just parroting English speakers.

    My favorite expression for this is “duckspeaking.”

  • My favorite expression for this is “duckspeaking.”

    If avians could vote, we’d be losing theirs now.

  • bumperpuff

    He doesn’t hate gay people, he just hates that they want the same rights and protections enjoyed by him.

  • Sastra

    Mr Ed #5 wrote:

    What would be the correct context that wouldn’t show these quotes to be bigoted?

    “I have heard some people say ‘(bigoted statement X)’ but let me tell you now that nothing could be further from the truth!”

    Okay, I’d grant that as a legitimate use of the phrase “taken out of context.”

  • dan4

    @1. Tired joke, already used on other comment threads dealing with Jackson.