Reconstructionist Calls for Christian Martyrdom

Reconstructionist Calls for Christian Martyrdom July 8, 2013

Demonstrating yet again how similar Christian Reconstructionists are to Muslim jihadists, Peter Leithart has an article in First Things entitled A Call to Martyrdom, which is exactly what it sounds like. Didn’t First Things used to be a fairly mainstream Christian intellectual publication? Not if they’re publishing stuff like this.

All this means that Windsor presents American Christians with a call to martyrdom. In Greek, martyria means “witness,” specifically witness in a court. At the very least, the decision challenges American Christians to continue to teach Christian sexual ethics without compromise or apology. But Windsor presents a call to martyrdom in a more specific sense. There will be a cost for speaking the truth, a cost in reputation, opportunity, and funds if not in freedoms. Scalia’s reference to the pagan Roman claim that Christians are “enemies of mankind” was probably not fortuitous…

This will force a major adjustment in conservative Christian stance toward America. We’ve fooled ourselves for decades into believing that Christian America was derailed recently and by a small elite. It’s tough medicine to realize that principles inimical to traditional Christian morals are now deeply embedded in our laws, institutions and culture. The only America that actually exists is one in which “marriage” includes same-sex couples and women have a Constitutional right to kill their babies. To be faithful, Christian witness must be witness against America.

God has his winnowing fork in his hand, and he’s ready to use it. There’s likely to be a lot of chaff, blown away like mist. But there will be a harvest. We’re being sent into an oven, but Jesus will crush the grain of the harvest so that, baked in the fire of the Spirit, it will become bread for the life of the world.

I’ve got news for you, Peter. There have been “principles inimical to traditional Christian morals…deeply embedded in our laws” from the very beginning. The very idea of a secular government with religious freedom, which was established by our constitution, is inimical to traditional Christian morals. The very fact that non-Christians have the right to worship as they see fit, or not to worship at all, is inimical to traditional Christian morals. Your fellow Reconstructionist Gary North recognized that long ago.

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