Ooh, the Exact Date of the Flood

Ooh, the Exact Date of the Flood July 9, 2013

The website for the Creation Science Hall of Fame is really quite funny. In one recent article, for instance, they pinpoint the exact date for the (entirely fictitious) global flood from which Noah escaped on a boat filled with animals. And you’re going to love the, uh, “reasoning.”

An astronomical date for the Global Flood is now available. This date derives from a statistical analysis of the observations of a large number of comets having the most clock-like orbits. It is simply the most likely year that all these comets would be a perihelion at the same time. The actual date of the Global Flood would be several months after (or before) this common perihelion. On that date, the fountains of the great deep literally launched the water, rock and mud that escaped into space and persist today as comets, asteroids, and meteoroids.

The implications of this find should stagger the imagination of all who consider them. Obviously this vindicates the Hydroplate Theory of the Global Flood – and further to the point, it vindicates the Global Flood itself. And it therefore vindicates all the rest of Genesis chh. 1-11.

*scratches head* Come again?

The date of the Global Flood comes from a recent calculation by Walter T. Brown, Jr., PhD, originator of the Hydroplate Theory. He examined the most clock-like comets in the 2008 Catalog of Cometary Orbits, for which enough observations were available to establish reliable orbital periods…

“In the six hundredth year of the life of Noah, in the second month, in the seventeenth day of the month,” the crust failed. (Genesis 7:11) That failure happened roughly where the Mid-Oceanic Ridge now stands. The failure began as a crack, literally microscopic in breadth. This crack rapidly widened and lengthened, until it ran the full length of the present Mid-Oceanic Ridge system. (The Mid-Oceanic Ridge is 46,000 miles long and wraps around the earth like the stitched seam of a baseball.)

All that water came rushing out of its subcrustal chamber, at hypersonic speed. It eroded the land mass for about 400 miles to either side. Beneath it, the floor of the chamber buckled up, now that all the weight pressing on it abruptly lifted. The two parts of the land mass slid down the slope that thus formed. North and South America fell away to the west, and Europe and Africa to the east. When they eventually crashed, they crushed and buckled up, to form the mountain chains we know today. (Note: Mount Everest did not rear itself up until late in the Flood year. So we have no reason to suppose that the Flood waters covered Mount Everest as Mount Everest.)

And some of the water, rock and mud that came rushing out of that chamber did not fall back to earth. A large amount, about one percent of the total mass of the earth, is still in space. It went into orbit around the sun, moved beyond earth’s gravitational influence, and then accreted to form several types of objects. These objects persist as the comets, asteroids, and meteoroids of today.

Wow. Seriously? They think that comets, asteroids and meteorites all have a terrestrial origin? There isn’t a shred of evidence for that claim, of course. Indeed, even the Bible itself says nothing remotely like that. This is pulled directly from Walt Brown’s rectal cavity, but I can’t imagine how he got it past his head that is so clearly lodged there as well. Even by creationists standards, this is simply lunacy.

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