OMG! Even the Cereal is Gay!

OMG! Even the Cereal is Gay! July 10, 2013

Yep, that’s the latest bit of pearl-clutching from the Worldnutdaily. General Mills is adding a rainbow marshmallow to their Lucky Charms cereal and that’s totally make kids become day, dontchaknow. Of course, this is the same outlet that has repeatedly published articles claiming that soy contains estrogen and leads to homosexuality and sterility (someone should tell the Chinese, who don’t seem to be having any problems reproducing even with the bulk of their protein coming from soy).

Did the Supreme Court’s recent decision to unleash same-sex marriage on America leave you hungering to celebrate lesbian, “gay,” bisexual and transgender pride? Well, look no further than your cereal bowl!

General Mills, the company that introduced the nation’s children to characters like the Honey Nut Bee, the silly Trix rabbit and Lucky the Leprechaun, has come out in support of the “gay” community by filling boxes of their cereal brand Lucky Charms with rainbow-colored marshmallows.

The “magically gaylicious” cereal is serving as the face of the new #LuckyToBe campaign which encourages people “lucky enough to be different” to use the hashtag #LuckyToBe when tweeting and posting online.

“We’re celebrating Pride month with whimsical delight, magical charms, and two new rainbow marshmallows,” the #LuckyToBe campaign stated in a press release sent to GLAAD.

NOM is mighty upset about it:

Brian Brown, president of the National Organization for Marriage, or NOM, told WND the General Mills position on same-sex marriage “will go down as one of the dumbest corporate PR stunts of all time.”

“Marriage as the union of one man and one woman is profoundly in the common good, and it is especially important for children,” Brown told WND in 2012. “General Mills makes billions marketing cereal to parents of young children. It has now effectively declared a war on marriage with its own customers when it tells the country that it is opposed to preserving traditional marriage, which is what the Minnesota Marriage Protection Amendment does.”

NOM points out U.S. Census Bureau data indicating that there are just over 100,000 same-sex households in America with children under the age of 18. The group contrasts that with the over 35 million traditional American households with children under 18.

And? What’s the point? None of those 35 million traditional American households is going to be affected in the slightest by marriage equality. And a large portion of them, about 55-60% according to recent polls, know that and support same-sex marriage. Sorry, you don’t get to claim that all straight people agree with you. They don’t.

Dean Chambers has his undies in a bunch too:

We don’t make this stuff up. The hard left does. I can understand Justice Antonin Scalia’s frustration with seeing our country turn rotten and corrupt with all this political correctness, as he saw with the putrid arguments he had to hear justifying same-sex marriage. Rush Limbaugh is right, everything that made this country great, when it was, and helped establish American Exceptionalism, is under assault from the far left.

Everything that made this country great is under assault…by a fucking rainbow marshmallow. Gotcha.

Of course, these are the same people that freak out over possibly eating unlabeled halal food because they apparently think it will turn them Muslim. So if they just eat the gay-inducing cereal with some Muslim-inducing halal meat, maybe it will balance out. Or maybe the cereal will turn them gay and the halal meat will make them want to kill themselves.

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