Dumbass Quote of the Day

Dumbass Quote of the Day July 11, 2013

JT flags an essay by Joyce Meyer, a televangelist con woman getting very rich by fleecing her congregation, about how she managed to eradicate reason from her life with the help of Almighty Gawd-ah. Just read this staggering introduction to the essay:

Many Christians live in the shallow area of their soul—they live by what they want, think and feel. That’s where I was for a good part of my early years as a Christian. But thankfully, God didn’t leave me there. He began calling me to come out into the deep—to begin following the leading of His Spirit instead of the dictates of my flesh.

God dealt strongly with my emotions and my will. Then He moved to the area of my mind, where I had some major strongholds of wrong thinking that needed to be changed—reasoning being one of the worst. I was a person who was heavily into reasoning, always trying to figure out the “why” behind something and planning excessively for what was ahead. But one day God required me to give it up. He showed me that reasoning is the opposite of trust and that I couldn’t do both at the same time. He then led me to some specific scriptures that opened my eyes to the condition of my mind and showed me what I needed to do to bring about change.

It’s kind of refreshing to hear her admit that reasoning and faith can’t be done at the same time, though.

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