Rand Paul: We Don’t Need No Fancy CBO Study

Rand Paul: We Don’t Need No Fancy CBO Study July 11, 2013

Rand Paul did his best impression of an ignorant misologist (yep, that’s a real word; it means someone with a distrust or hatred of reasoning) on a radio show, dismissing the CBO’s immigration study and demanding the firing of the non-partisan agency — all with no substance whatsoever.

Paul: The bill is going to cost $6.5 billion. How do you spend $6.5 billion and it saves money?

Larson: I don’t know. I asked a Senator about that and said, what’s the logic that the CBO uses that this will cut the deficit? He said that in the CBO’s report it doesn’t actually explain the mechanism. Is it that they think that more illegals made legal will pay taxes, or that their costs will be lower in American society or they won’t use as much welfare? Do you have any idea what they mean by ‘this will cut the deficit’?

Paul: No, but I don’t believe it. It’s sort of like, they tell me they’re going to give everybody free health care in the country and that’s supposed to cut the deficit too.

Larson: Well that was a lie that a lot of Americans bought not once but twice, didn’t they?

Paul: Yeah I’m not sure anybody believes that stuff anymore. It’s partly why we ought to fire the CBO and just sort of tell people what we want to do and let’s go ahead and just get it done.

Or you could actually read the study, which does indeed spell out exactly why immigration reform will reduce federal spending and save money. The biggest reason is that it will move millions of now-illegal workers from the underground economy to the real one — the one that pays taxes — producing nearly half a trillion dollars in new tax revenue over the first ten years. But Rand Paul ain’t never had no need for book learnin’ and that fancy, high-fallutin’ socialist math.

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