Marisa Martin Should Stick to Art

Marisa Martin Should Stick to Art July 15, 2013

Marisa Martin is the nom de plume of a Christian artist who has a column at the Worldnutdaily about Christian art around the nation’s capitol of Washington, DC. It’s full of that kind of ignorant, exaggerated and sad attempt at humor that is a hallmark of wingnut writing, along with an appalling comparison between liberals and the Taliban.

Don’t like Christian art? Close your eyes while driving through Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s Capitol is a vast limestone, granite and marble rebuttal to the asininity of the America “Civil Liberties” Union and assorted clones who live there. The left may not know a lot about history, but miles of Bible quotations and biblical characters lead progressives to the conclusion that the creators, sponsors, supporters, builders and residents of early D.C. were absolutely not religious. Especially not Christian. This must not be denied or you’ll lose your 501(c)3 .

Uh, what? Who, precisely, does she think claims that the “creators, sponsors, supporters, builders and residents of early D.C.” were “absolutely not religious”? No one that I know of makes such a claim. And what on earth is she referring to with the sarcastic crack about losing one’s 501(c)(3)? I doubt she has any idea. That’s a lovely picture of a straw man you’ve drawn there.

Suppression may lead to courts where legally blind lawyers argue against Christian involvement in public arts and discourse.

Again, what? Can she name someone who “argues against Christian involvement in public arts and discourse”? Since about 95% of all elected officials are Christian, this is about as far from reality as one could get.

Moses looks on forlornly from the vantage of grand engravings on all sides while the U.S. Supreme Court in is session, and the irony is lost on the majority.

But Moses is only one of the many engravings on the north and south walls of the Supreme Court. Along with him is Menes, Hammurabi, Lycurgus, Solon and Draco, all entirely non-Christians lawgivers from history. Which is why having Moses there is not a big deal or any sort of endorsement of Judaism or Christianity.

While leftists aren’t detonating Buddhas and generally enjoy art, they’re not above draconian control over religious expression. In fact they specialize in it, particularly if no one stops them. The core heart of the left has more in common with our ideological and military enemies than they want to admit. Absolute, iron-handed control over cultural content is a manifestation of well-established Marxist government and policy. So far we’ve almost reached that point, in policy at least.

This is in perfect alignment with Taliban-style art terrorists who can’t bear opposing religious views. Prior to immolating temples and evidence of other cultures, the Taliban carefully squirreled away artifacts and art objects to Europe for safekeeping. Islamic gangs have no problem with art, as long as it doesn’t conflict with their theology and there’s the rub.

So much stupid in one place. She apparently doesn’t realize that Islamic reactionaries are, in fact, stridently anti-Marxist (Osama Bin Laden called for the overthrow of Saddam Hussein, partly on the grounds that he was a socialist and therefore an infidel, which means worthy of death in Bin Laden’s world). And it’s the right, not the left, that bears more than a passing resemblance to the Taliban, sharing with them a desire to oppress women and gay people in the name of their barbaric God.

And if we’re going to talk about attacks on works of art and artists, let’s offer some examples. In France two years ago, it was Christians who attacked an Andres Serrano exhibit with hammers and slashed two of his photographs because they were insulting to their religious views. It was a Christian who smashed a glass case and destroyed a painting in Colorado in 2010 because she thought it was blasphemous. It’s Christians in Russia who successfully demanded that a performance of Jesus Christ Superstar be shut down and who sued Madonna for daring to support gay rights during a concert there. It’s Christians in Greece who arrested those involved with a performance of Terrence McNally’s play Corpus Christi last year. It’s Christians who throw a fit and try to get the National Endowment for the Arts shut down every time they fund some exhibit they don’t like. Doesn’t the Bible say something about pointing to the splinter in another’s eye while ignoring the log in one’s own?

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