Epic ‘Psychic’ Failure on TV

Epic ‘Psychic’ Failure on TV July 17, 2013

Psychic Char Margolis went on WGN News claiming to “communicate with the spirit world” and had an epic failure trying to do a standard cold reading on one of the anchors. She tries all the usual crap, throwing a whole bunch of vague stuff at the wall — “anyone with an M or a J?” — but none of it sticks. So of course, it all has something to do with the anchors being “closed-minded.”


"I think maybe you've got that stick wedged a little too firmly up there.Just sayin'."

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  • Perhaps she was getting her signals crossed, and was “reading” the spirits of the teleprompter operator?

  • ph041985

    She didn’t even bother googling them beforehand?

  • Larry

    Did any of the anchors point out that she is a fucking fraud?

  • The condensation coming from this fraud is just astounding. “You’re allowed to be closed minded” well gee, thanks for your permission. “You need to kind to people” no, you don’t need to be kind to frauds who steal money from credulous people.

  • Don F


    She was reading ME!!

    My grandmother’s name was Minnie Jacobson!!!


    Oh. It’s an M-a-r- something.

    But still . . . MJ . . . she KNEW!!!!

  • Stacy

    I picked up a Mary, I said it’s her daughter.

    No, she didn’t, the liar. She said:

    I see an M or a J person. Do you have somebody in your family that is a J or an M…?

    After being told there’s an M, she asked

    Is it a male or a female M?

    Her mark the person she was reading provided the name and the relationship.

    You need to be kind to people.

    Accomodationism. A way for charlatans to passively-aggressively attack their critics and deflect attention from their bullshit.

  • matty1

    You need to be kind to people

    Fraud is not an act of kindness, once you start with that people have a right to respond appropriately.

  • Trebuchet

    Clearly, James Randi was using his psychic powers to block her. (That’s been seriously claimed by multiple fakers in the past.)

  • miles

    @ #4 jason the cripple

    The condensation coming from this fraud is just astounding.

    I have only one thing to say about that…


  • Chiroptera

    So of course, it all has something to do with the anchors being “closed-minded.”

    Makes sense. If I recall correctly, Jesus was quite clear that his bag of tricks wouldn’t have worked if his marks didn’t have faith.

  • dogmeat


    A quick check of names,

    Top male names: James @ 1, John @2, Michael @4, combined percentage of names, nearly 10%

    5 of the top 20 male names start with M or J.

    Top female names: Mary @1, Jennifer @6, Maria @7, combined percentage of names, nearly 5%

    4 of the top 20 female names start with M or J

    Put them together in pure numbers, 19.4 million James, Johns, Michaels, Marys, Jennifers, and Marias in the US.

    7 of the top 20 surnames in the US start with M or J.

    My own family? Mother: Mary, father: John, mother-in-law: Mary. I have cousins and uncles named Mark, Matt, John, the list goes on and on.

    This is just BS’ing with the odds, it’s “psychic” hangman.

    “The spirits tell me something with a person… do you know a person? Perhaps a place? A thing? Do you have pets? Have you ever met someone with a name? Were they male or female? Mineral?”

  • Chiroptera

    Best cold reading I ever saw was in Being John Malkovitch when Craig figures out Maxine’s name.

  • oranje

    If you want some entertainment from this same gang, look up WGN Bridge Fail. They’re great entertainment in the morning (or were when I still lived in Chicago).

  • davem

    Sorry Don @ 5, it’s ME she was reading. Well, anyone with M or J (both in my case). Given that anyone might have 5 or 6 close family, the chances of J and M are pretty high. I seem to recollect that all these charlatans start with J and M. It’d be more impressive if they started off with an X and a Q….

  • exdrone

    If you’re acting fraudulently, why do you deserve to be treated “nicely”?

  • Rip Steakface

    Let’s see, in just my immediate family, two people have M or J names, myself and my father. My brother has an M middle name. My aunt has a J name. My girlfriend has a J name.

    Trivial, really, to think of someone you know with an M or J name.

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