Obama: ‘Crypto-Muslim’ or ‘Revolutionary Leftist’?

Obama: ‘Crypto-Muslim’ or ‘Revolutionary Leftist’? July 19, 2013

Pat Robertson brought “terror expert” Erick Stakelbeck — he’s actually a former sports reporter with neither credentials nor experience in that field — on the 700 Club and asked if he thought Obama was a “crypto-Muslim.” Stakelbeck said no, he’s a “revolutionary Marxist” trying to destroy “Judeo-Christian western civilization.”


This is all amusingly idiotic. What on earth could the phrase “revolutionary leftist” even mean when applied to an American president? You don’t get to be president without falling into a very narrow band of political ideology that is a long way from Marxism. He does know that a revolution is a violent overthrow, right? Obama certainly hasn’t led one of those. And he does know that a Marxist wants to eliminate all private property, right? Obama certainly hasn’t done anything to make that happen. These are just scary-sounding but utterly meaningless words, dog whistles to get the attention of the hopelessly ignorant or deluded.

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