Root: The IRS Will Let Me Die!

Root: The IRS Will Let Me Die! July 21, 2013

Wayne Allyn Root is a former vice presidential candidate for the Libertarian Party and a first class wingnut. Like Joseph Farah, he’s flipping out about Rachel Maddow criticizing him and spreading bizarre conspiracy theories — like the IRS is going to kill him with Obamacare.

Root: The same IRS that tried to hound, harass, intimidate and destroy the opponents of Barack Obama or anybody with a ‘Tea Party’ in their name, those same prejudicial people are now going to be in charge of our healthcare. My gosh, this is a nightmare. If I get cancer, you can bet they’re going to let me die.

Host: No, the death panel will not look favorably on Wayne Allen Root.

Root: No, not at all.

That’s a lot of lies in just a few sentences. First, the claim that the IRS only targeted Tea Party groups has been thoroughly debunked by now. Second, the IRS is not “in charge of our healthcare” or anything even remotely resembling it. The enforcement mechanism for the individual mandate uses the IRS. That’s it. The IRS isn’t running anything. And there isn’t even a minimally plausible mechanism by which the IRS or any other government agency could “let him die” if he gets cancer. Seriously, does he think his doctors are going to refuse to treat him if he gets cancer? He’s either deluded or he’s lying. I don’t much care which.

Oh, and he’s being attacked by Maddow because he’s just so gosh darn important and dangerous:

Root: Now, you may not know this. Did you know that last Thursday, Rachel Maddow went on a fifteen-minute diatribe on her national TV show on MSNBC, and do you know what the fifteen-minute diatribe was aimed at?

Host: You should tell us about it, because I didn’t hear it.

Root: Wayne Allyn Root. The entire fifteen minutes on national TV. You and I both know how valuable time is on national radio or TV, we’re in the media. Can you imagine taking fifteen minutes of a one-hour national TV show to rant with a picture of Wayne Root on the screen, to rant about Wayne Root? Don’t you think maybe, just maybe, these people — Piers Morgan had me on and tried to destroy me a month ago, she ranted behind my back without me being on the show for fifteen minutes, Mother Jones magazine did a hit piece on me two months ago, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart did a hit piece on me.

Is anybody thinking what I’m thinking? I mean, the way life works is if they really think you’re an idiot, they ignore you. If they start to give you gigantic press time to discredit you and besmirch your name and destroy you, it’s because you’re too effective, you’re too powerful, and you’re too close to the truth. I’m hitting them where it hurts and they know that I’ve got the answers and that I figured this whole thing out.

It’s an IRS intimidation thing to bankrupt all the conservative donors and to scare us into no longer talking in the media and to no longer writing checks and to no longer criticizing Obama. This is all about intimidation.

No, it’s about exposing it as the lunatic you are.

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