WND Promotes Corsi Book With Laughable Arguments

WND Promotes Corsi Book With Laughable Arguments July 22, 2013

Jerome Corsi has a new book out that looks to be little more than yet another rehash of the whole litany of lies about the ACLU that we’ve been hearing from the right for decades. Faced with that lack of serious content, the Worldnutdaily is forced to make arguments like this to promote it. This is the very first paragraph:

Jerome Corsi is hated by the left. Which means he’s one of the best and most important writers and researchers in the world today.

Um, no. It doesn’t mean that. Look up “non sequitur” on The Google and get back to us.

At stake is the basic constitutional right to practice faith as one sees fit. Not surprisingly, the American Civil Liberties Union (co-founded by a clergyman!) seems obsessed with trampling on the rights of Christians.

Yes, of course. Which explains why they’ve represented literally hundreds of Christians in cases defending their free exercise rights, including Jerry Falwell (twice). And dozens of street preachers. And churches seeking to use public facilities on an equal basis with non-religious community groups. And school kids told they can’t hand out religious literature to their classmates. As usual, wingnuts can’t distinguish between the free exercise of religion and official endorsement and imposition of religion because, to them, those are the same thing — freedom of religion simply means the right to impose their religion on others. As demonstrated so perfectly by the very next paragraph:

Not surprisingly, the ACLU was born in the 1920s, in the era of the infamous Scopes Trial, when secularism teamed with atheism to try and bully Bible-believing Christians.

You remember the Scopes trial, right? That’s the one where the ACLU argued that the Christian legislature of Tennessee could not arrest and imprison someone for teaching evolution merely because it offended their religious sensibilities. Clearly they were trying to bully those Christians for exercising their right to throw non-Christians in jail. Oh, the humanity!

As Corsi puts it: “For decades, the Bad Samaritan of the ACLU has beaten and robbed the First Amendment’s statement of religious freedom to the point that Judeo-Christian believers have been left lying by the side of the road, as if abandoned to die. Our Founding Fathers aptly reminded us, only a moral people can preserve the liberty required to build a bright future for America in which individual initiative and free enterprise can thrive once again. In a Judeo-Christian nation, Good Samaritans are not only welcome; they are possible. In the world desired by the ACLU, Good Samaritans will not only be rare, they are likely to be persecuted, if not prosecuted.”

Hmmm. That must be why our jails are filled with professing Christians, because the ACLU is rounding them up and throwing them in prison. Well, the ones they aren’t left for dead on the side of the road, that is. By god, it’s practically the killing fields all over again.

I actually agree with him that only a moral people can preserve liberty. But I define a moral person as someone who respects the rights of others, who actually applies a version of the golden rule by seeking to protect the liberty of others because they demand such liberty for themselves. Morality has nothing to do with sexual orientation or worshiping the right deity. Immoral people like Corsi, who would rather lie than tell the truth, who has become wealthy by peddling demagoguery to the ignorant and the credulous, and who seeks to impose his religious views on everyone else, is the enemy of liberty. That’s why he works so hard to pretend not to be.

Notice how Corsi deftly explains Baldwin’s true agenda: “Baldwin, like many early communist sympathizers in the 1920s and 1930s, learned by the 1950s that it was preferable to be seen as progressive, more in the tradition of Theodore Roosevelt, interested in social justice, not outright revolution.”

Notice how Corsi flat out lies about this. Roger Nash Baldwin was, it’s true, a Popular Front socialist in the 20s. But like so many others, the Hitler-Stalin pact and the brutality of Josef Stalin woke him up to the reality of Soviet communism. He then changed the by-laws of the ACLU to forbid communists from being on the board and led a purge that threw Elizabeth Gurley Flynn off the board. He went on to write a book called The New Slavery: The Communist Betrayal of Human Rights. He was taken by General McArthur to help write the new constitution of Japan after the war and he was then asked to do the same in Germany and Austria. These are inconvenient facts that are always left out when the wingnuts talking about Roger Nash Baldwin and communism. They don’t fit the narrative, so they are magically whisked away.

Leftists recognized long ago that America could not be taken down by a frontal assault and revolution, so Corsi is correct: Stealth and patience have brought them this far.

“This far” includes the following shocking stories:

*The openly professed communist, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, could bring down school prayer.

*When Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf organized in 2009 to secure land near Ground Zero –for a mosque – who helped him? The ACLU.

*The ACLU has created a website dedicated to an “LGBT Project,” for the purpose of creating “a society in which lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people enjoy the constitutional rights of equality, privacy and personal autonomy, and freedom of expression and association.”

Shocking. Just shocking.

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