Bishop: God’s Wrath Will Visit Federal Judge

Bishop: God’s Wrath Will Visit Federal Judge July 24, 2013

What is it with preachers named Jackson who call themselves bishop? We’ve got Bishop Harry Jackson and Bishop E.W. Jackson, both virulently anti-gay and bugnutty. Now we’ve got Bishop Herman Jackson, involved in a court case and declaring that the wrath of God will come down on the judge in the case.

Alleged fraudster Herman Jackson insists his ominous warning was “not a threat” against Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman.

But Jackson, who calls himself a bishop, said: “Because of Judge Sharon Coleman’s continual mocking of God’s ecclesiastical order and the sanctity of family/marriage, the wrath of God almighty shall soon visit her home.”

He asked a reporter to read that statement back to him after he said it and then said it was correct…

The charismatic preacher has fought an increasingly erratic battle with Coleman since his October arrest cramped a lavish lifestyle that once included a small fleet of luxury vehicles, including two Mercedes and a Jaguar. A Bentley has been repossessed from his church, records show.

Forced to sleep in the church, where he allegedly masterminded a scam to swindle state day care funds, he previously apologized for an “emotional and disrespectful” courtroom temper tantrum when Coleman refused to let him move to Georgia in June. At the time, Coleman told Jackson and his co-defendant wife, Jannette Faria: “I’m not going to be manipulated by this couple.”

When asked if his latest comment amounted to a threat against the judge, Jackson said, “I was in prayer. This is what God told me. I don’t have the power. God has the power.”

This is not the kind of thing federal judges are very likely to tolerate.

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