Ray Comfort Makes a Fruit Salad

Ray Comfort Makes a Fruit Salad July 25, 2013

Apparently feeling as though he hasn’t been humiliated enough after declaring the banana is the “atheist’s nightmare,” Ray Comfort has now swept through the produce section and finds proof of God’s existence in every fruit he can get his hands on.

Ray Comfort: I’m going out on a limb here, but I will do it for Richard Dawkins–the man who believes that he’s the cousin of the banana.

I can’t help but see design in an orange. It is a healthy drink in a sturdy but easily removable wrapper. I see design in an apple. It’s just the right size for the human hand (a place for the thumb and forefinger), is a small meal in itself, and with this one you may eat the wrapper.

The water melon is in an easily accessible container–a portable and preserved tasty drink that contains enough juicy liquid to be served for a whole family.

The coconut isn’t so accessible to a city dweller, but those in the know can access its healthy long-lasting liquid in seconds.

It’s true; I see design everywhere–even in the Professor Dawkin’s sweet healthy cousin in its perforated wrapper, and the reason I see design is because I know the Designer, and (as the Bible says) to know Him means to possess everlasting life.

Right. Just like I know that a leprechaun makes it rain because I know the leprechaun. And if you don’t, it’s because he has hardened your hearts. Or you just don’t have enough faith. Or you’re possessed by demons.

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