Rush and Wiles Play Wingnut Poker

Rush and Wiles Play Wingnut Poker July 30, 2013

Erik Rush and Rick Wiles, two of the nuttiest of the wingnuts, went on the radio together and played a game of wingnut poker, challenging each other to ascend ever greater heights of lunacy — “I’ll see your batshit crazy claim and raise you an even more outlandish one.”

Wiles: I said in 2008 that if Mr. Obama gets in the White House he will start a revolution in this country; I warned that this was a Marxist takeover of the country. In January of 2009, I said this man is going to pattern himself—his supporters are going to tell us that he’s not FDR, he’s Abraham Lincoln. Because everybody was thinking they’re going to paint him as the new FDR, and I said in January of 2009, no, they’re going to paint him as Abraham Lincoln and the reason is his agenda is to start a civil war. I know that sounds wild and crazy.

Rush: No.

Wiles: But I really believe this man wants a civil war.

Rush: I don’t want to try to sound like I’m one-upping you but I believe that before 2007 was out, only by virtue of being one of the first people on it, I looked at this guy and I was like, if this guy gets in, he’s going to try to foment a Marxist revolution, straight up. If you look at the way things stand now, he’s got any number of ways he can do it: the economy, you know, economic collapse; race; he’s got the Occupy Wall Street people with Van Jones running them, which few people know, who is still working for Obama, which few people know. There’s any number of things he can do to push the button and have that take place and he’s just getting his ducks in a row and of course people think that you and I are nuts when we say these things but there is ample evidence there, more than ample evidence.

Rush: I know that there are people who are either socialist or socialist-leaning who don’t advocate for a wholesale communist overthrow of the government, there are some of them who just don’t believe it and then there are a small percentage who are completely, as some would say, down with that. But what bothers me of course that it is so incomprehensible to so many people, even a lot of conservatives, that I’m afraid it’s not going to be apparent to them until the bullets are flying.

In poker, we call having the strongest possible hand having “the nuts.” Seems appropriate here.

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  • Abby Normal


  • Michael Heath

    Seems both got nothing but are each convinced they’re holding a straight flush.

  • Larry

    And in 3 years, when a new president is elected and is sworn in, what will their ample evidence tell them then?

  • slc1

    They’re not even holding a pair of deuces.

  • erichoug

    What the FUCK is wrong with these people!? If you don’t like President Obama, that is perfectly fine and there are any number of real reasons for that opinion. But instead of arguing on his actual policies and public statements, these people prefer to slip over to fantasy land and make up a bunch of batshit crazy crap to argue against. Oh he’s a communist, Marxist socialist fascist who’s going to put us all in to death camps for some poorly defined reason and then start shooting, I don’t know, right wing morons again for some poorly defined reason.

    Here’s hoping that the wackaloon right continues it’s long, slow slide into irrelevance.

  • Mr Ed

    Obama redistributed the wealth and all I got was this tee shirt.

    Monty Python did this first, Four Yorkshireman.

  • To be fair, if anything WERE going to motivate Marxists to revolt in the US, it would likely be the realization that Obama is pretty much the best they can ever hope to get by working within the system.

  • Synfandel

    Mr. Ed:

    Obama redistributed the wealth and all I got was this tee shirt.


  • brianwestley

    That Wiles guy must be holding a half-fizzbin, at least.

    PS: Mr Ed, the Four Yorkshiremen sketch was first done on At Last, The 1948 Show, written and performed by Cleese and Chapman and Marty Feldman and Tim Brooke-Taylor:

  • Man, Marxism sure has fallen. Who knew that it involved a Stimulus to stop the capitalist system from collapsing, mild banking reform and, eventually, a mandate to buy private health insurance?

  • cptdoom

    So, Wall Street bankers are secret Communists who collapsed the economy 5 years ago to start the revolution?

  • These guys need to be locked in a room with a bunch of political science and history textbooks, and not let out until they’ve read every one, and learned what the hell a Marxist is. And what a socialist is.

  • dugglebogey

    I don’t think these people should be using words they don’t understand.

  • Abdul Alhazred

    “Wingnut poker” is very unlike real poker — They are doing this so they can *both* win.

  • pocketnerd

    Speaking of poker, Ed, I very much enjoy your discussions of the game.

  • dingojack

    Poker? Sounds like they’re trying to out-misère each other.

    ‘Way back in 1490 I said that Obama was gonna take away our flintlocks and lock us is galleys (called FEMA’s) before crashing the wool trade! See if I didn’t!! Nyaaah!!!’



  • Actually these guys are like someone going all in with a Royal Flush while playing 2-7 lowball.