Another False and Hyperbolic Klayman Screed

Another False and Hyperbolic Klayman Screed August 1, 2013

Larry Klayman, the worst lawyer in America not named Mat Staver or Orly Taitz, has yet another inane screed about President Obama, complete with one rather obvious lie and a whole bunch of outrageous accusations about him being a Muslim terrorist. Let’s start with the latter:

Plain and simple, Obama is the most despicable, criminally minded fraud to have ever occupied the Oval Office. He is not merely a disgrace, but a dangerous man whose allegiance to Islam, disdain of Jews and Christians, and favoritism toward all things black have cast him into the role of a very cheap, bigoted and hateful man.

That last clause would be called projection. And now, the lie:

Second, coming on the heels of the Trayvon statement, this week also brought yet another indication that Obama is a Muslim through and through, which not coincidentally was the “faith” of his revered Kenyan father. Trying to resurrect his “brothers” of the Muslim Brotherhood who were just ousted from power by the Egyptian military, Obama suspended military aid to this largest of Middle Eastern nations, obviously to send a signal to this granddaddy of Islamic terrorist groups that he supported its return to power.

Uh, no. Not only did he not suspend military aid, his administration is refusing to label the military toppling of Morsi a coup so that they can keep sending military aid to Egypt.

The State Department on Friday said it will not label the overthrow of Egypt’s democratically-elected government a coup, arguing the law does not require it to make a formal determination.

Administration officials notified lawmakers Thursday of the decision, which will allow about $1.5 billion in mostly military aid to Egypt to continue uninterrupted.

In fact, some Republicans in Congress, Rand Paul in particular, are upset about this and are trying to pass a bill requiring that aid to Egypt be cut off. So by Klayman’s “reasoning,” that means Obama is trying to send a signal that he hates the Muslim Brotherhood and is happy that Morsi was overthrown while Rand Paul clearly loves them. See what happens when you create stupid arguments based on lies?

The primary aspect these two events have in common is that they show that Obama has a clear mindset to further what he perceives to be the interests of “his” people, meaning blacks and Muslims, at the expense of everyone else. He is thus a Hitler-like figure, finding scapegoats such as whites, Christians and Jews to use to rally the shock troops for his black-Muslim crusade. These words may sound harsh, but not in the context of the “fraudster in chief’s” actions during his first five years in office. Coupled with his words, the nation is on its way to destruction unless this dangerous man is legally stopped in his slimy, prejudiced and hateful tracks.

That’s brilliant, Larry. You should tell that to your “citizen grand jury” when you’re all playing dress up in a barn in Florida pretending to matter.

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