The Blaze Debunks Beck’s Nonsense

The Blaze Debunks Beck’s Nonsense August 10, 2013

Right Wing Watch catches Glenn Beck once again making a claim on his radio show that his own website, The Blaze, debunked months ago. He claims that the Army gave Nidal Hassan a promotion while he was in jail for killing people at a military base. But his own website said back in March that this claim from a parody site:

Actually, no. Not at all. A little cursory Googling immediately shows that the article is false. For instance, the full article mentions figures named General William Hewitt and Colonel Nathan Butterworth. No such Army officers exist. In fact, the only General William Hewitt we were able to find is a British army officer.

How could such a story be written, then? Simple: It is not a story. It is satire — a joke. The Duffel Blog is not a news site. Rather, according to its own “About” page, it is essentially a military equivalent to “The Onion”…

Even if you don’t find the joke funny, it’s difficult to argue with the basic fact that it is a joke, and there is no “story” to substantiate the rumor. Major Nidal Hassan remains a Major, and his only potential promotion is to the post of “ex-Major.”

And yet here is Beck repeating it months later as though it were true. I think we can tell who the joke here is.

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