Palin Took Huge Pay Cut at Fox News

Palin Took Huge Pay Cut at Fox News August 26, 2013

Well this is interesting. Sarah Palin was making about a million dollars a year as a Fox News commentator but turned down a new contract because it didn’t pay well enough. When she quickly found out that no one outside her Facebook page really cares about her anymore, she went back — for a 75% pay cut.

It was widely reported that Sarah Palin took a pay cut to come back to Fox News. What wasn’t known was how large of a cut she took. Now we know, and boy did Roger Ailes sock it to Palin.

In a report on TV Guide’s list of the highest paid people on television, TVNewser revealed how big of pay cut Palin had to take in order to get her Fox News gig back, “Other notable names: Megyn Kelly’s new deal is estimated to be worth $6 million a year, twice what Hoda Kotb draws, and more than three times as much as ABC’s Josh Elliott. Ann Curry is still one of the highest-paid reporters at NBC, drawing $5 million a year, while Sarah Palin’s new FNC contract is believed to be in the $250,000 range.”

My, how the not-so-mighty have fallen.

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