Kids Kill Because They ‘Could Have Been Aborted’

Kids Kill Because They ‘Could Have Been Aborted’ August 28, 2013

You know that one person who thinks every single issue must relate back to the one issue they obsess about? We all do. Here’s Janet Morana, executive director of Priests for Life, claiming that the shooting of Australian baseball player Chris Lane by three apparently nihilistic kids is because they “could have been aborted.” Asked on Fox News (of course) why their parents were keeping an eye on them, she said:

Well first we have to start with the fact that since 1973, these kids are survivors, they could have been aborted, and that’s a fact. The people don’t realize…they’re post Roe v Wade and therefore there’s a thing called ‘survivor syndrome.’ There’s a psychiatrist up in Canada, Dr. Phillip Nay has studied this for decades and shown the effect that just the fact that you could have been aborted can affect you as a survivor of Roe v Wade.

Uh, Janet…everyone could have been aborted. And everyone could have been aborted before Roe v Wade too, it just would have been far worse for the mother. Everyone, therefore, should suffer from this “survivor syndrome” that you pulled from your rectal cavity because you’re obsessed enough to blame anything and everyone on abortion.

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  • carlie

    That is so warped I can’t even follow the train of thought, and I’m usually pretty good at interpreting fundie-speak. I would think the only possibility for a mental syndrome related to abortion is realizing that the only reason you’re alive is because you were born pre-Roe and your mother didn’t get the chance to have an abortion. Post, you should know for sure that you were wanted. (all cases of legal and other roadblocks excepted)

  • Chiroptera

    The WTF is strong in this one.

  • raven

    I thought everything was the fault of Darwin, evolution, and biologists.

    Hmmm, or it was the lack of prayer in school.

    No, it was letting atheists run around loose. Or was that Protestants?

    What happened to the gays anyway? Seems like just weeks ago everything was their fault.

    The fundies eternal, unchanging truth changes so fast, no one can keep up. They should put a daily summary on their websites.

  • Chiroptera

    We had a similar experience in my family. My father could have been drafted into the military. For that reason, he went around forcibly impressing people into the Navy.

  • DaveL

    I know it just tears me up inside to know my mother bore me out of love, rather than because the government forced her to.

    I looked up Philip Ney, and it looks like he hasn’t published anything peer-reviewed since 1987. R. v. Morgentaler wasn’t decided in Canada until 1988.

  • My mother’s first pregnancy ended with a miscarriage, then next one was me. By this logic I should have miscarriage survivor syndrome.

  • Michael Heath

    Carlie writes:

    That is so warped I can’t even follow the train of thought, and I’m usually pretty good at interpreting fundie-speak.

    While I can follow this train of thought down the rabbit hole, I admit a new one’s got me stumped. That’s how lesbians are trapping gay men into getting them pregnant therefore gay marriage is evil, which Ed’s been blogging about recently. In my defense I’ve put almost no effort in trying to figure that one out.

  • My brain glazed over in just the second sentence. A woman as the executive director of “Priests for Life,” a Roman Catholic organization created by and for RCC clergy to spread the Church’s teachings against abortion? A woman?!

    That right there proves that she manifests a very special kind of crazy; there’s no need to go any further down that path.

  • Everyone could have been a victim of abstinence……..

  • Priests for Life

    They get “Priest 4 Life” tattooed on their belly. True story.


    carlie “That is so warped I can’t even follow the train of thought…”

    [thing I don’t like] + [thing I don’t like] = [thing I don’t like]

    And the best part is it works for any combination, both possible and impossible, of things you don’t like.

  • Does she seriously think children sit around pondering about how they could have been aborted?

  • John Pieret

    About 50% of all fertilized human eggs spontaneously abort. But, of course, she doesn’t believe that there is any such thing as “spontaneous” … it’s all god’s will. So there must be a ‘survivor syndrome’ from being a survivor of god.

  • dingojack

    Perhaps they shot this person because they knew they could get insant forgiveness by asking for it –

    Therefore getting to murder with absolutely no practical consequences. In a cosmic sense.

    Well it’s as good a theory as theirs.

    (In early press releases the killers said that they ‘wanted to see someone die’, it made no mention of the reasons for this desire).


  • Abdul Alhazred

    This one’s easy to figure out.

    Everything bad in society is either caused by abortion or gays. Everything other than those is a secondary effect.

  • coffeehound

    There’s no following that logic, but IF she’s going to go down that rabbit hole, then she has to explain why the parents aren’t liable for not preventing the murder by actually aborting them. Stupid, yes, but no more than her argument.

  • The three nihilistic kids could’ve been aborted?

    Well, yes….and they probably should’ve been. But their mothers couldn’t know the future. Is Janet Morana arguing for preemptive abortions, just in case?

  • iknklast

    I could have accidentally been left behind in Maine when my parents moved to the midwest. This has surely traumatized me forever, because I have PTSD from possible-accidental-abandonment-in-the-pine-forest syndrome. It explains every mean thing I’ve ever said, every time I’ve ever said a swear word, every time I’ve had pre-marital sex. If I ever kill anyone (which I am reasonably sure I won’t but who knows what the future holds?) this will be my defense. The possibility existed that my parents would forget me, leave me sleeping in bed while they went west, and so that knowledge has scarred me for life.

  • First, there seems to be a typo that’s causing confusion. She’s a member of Priestley’s for Life, a fan club for Jason Priestley that has nothing to do with abortion.

    Second, she’s absolutely correct. I do not remember any murders anywhere in the world until after 1976 at the very earliest. Prior to this, any violence that supposedly took place is evidenced by mere hearsay, as far as I’m concerned. How is this not caused by Roe v Wade?

    Checkmate, Ed. Check and mate.

  • Skip White

    Really? I think I was much more messed up by the fact that my mother wanted a child so badly she had an affair with a much older married man, whose family (presumably) hasn’t known about my existence for 31 years and counting than the thought I never considered that I could have been aborted. (it’s ok, I’ve come to terms with everything and have a great relationship with my mother and stepdad).

  • a2audrey

    In the book, Freakonomics, the authors indicate that the opposite probably occurred.

    Crime statistics fell off substantially from their projections in the late 1980’s because women who weren’t in a stable enough situation to raise healthy, happy, successful children began having a choice after Roe and chose not to bring them into family situations that tend to lend themselves to having troubled children.

  • She’s claiming a Canadian wrote about how Roe vs Wade affects all kinds of people traumatically? In Canada? Where we have our very own Supreme Court, thanks, and it doesn’t generally rely on precedent from our somewhat over-religious neighbours?

  • scienceavenger

    For those of you who don’t watch Fox, they are trying their damndest to make this murder a mirror-image Martin-Zimmerman case, with demands that the President address it, or else appear “biased”, since the three shooters were supposedly black (untrue) and the victim white. Because of course there is nothing else different about the two cases…

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    Dr Ney couldn’t possibly have an agenda outside of a love for science, could he?

  • eric

    Everyone could have been a victim of abstinence……..

    Everyone could have been a victim of literally an infinite number of possible “could have been killed” events. We are all survivors of possible lightning strikes, possible car accidents, possible random murder, possible….

  • Synfandel

    These kids killed for two reasons:

    1. They have something seriously screwed up in their values. This may be mental-illness-related or it may just be bad upbringing. Can’t say from out here in the bleachers.

    2. They had ready access to the means to kill a person with ease. This is symptomatic of a diseased culture.

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    I still get chills of horror thinking about how my father could have used a condom that night …

  • My mother’s first pregnancy ended with a miscarriage, then next one was me. By this logic I should have miscarriage survivor syndrome.

    My mother had a miscarriage before I was born too. If she had carried it to term, I would not exist. Even if they did decide to have a third child, it wouldn’t have been me.

    People do appear to find it almost impossible to think straight when it comes to the randomness of conception. There was a column in The Guardian a few months back by some guy who says he still mourns the older brother who died before he was born. I hadn’t the heart to point out that without his brother’s untimely death, he wouldn’t have been around to enjoy his company anyway.

    My local Catholic radio station used to run ads talking about all the potential doctors, scientists, and presidents who have been aborted over the years, yet for every one of those, how many of them would have turned out to be drug addicts, thieves, murderers, and rapists? They never like to talk about that side of the equation.

  • I still get chills of horror thinking about how my father could have used a condom that night …

    Or your mother could have had a headache, or your father could have had just too much wine at dinner, and on and on…. 🙂

    Apropos of nothing, one thing I like to do is “world-building” — i.e. setting the scene for a novel or a screenplay — and one of the ideas i’ve been playing with for a while now is a world where it’s possible to travel between parallel Earths. (I know, like “Sliders” etc.). Of course, once you can do that, one of the main points of interest about a parallel Earth is when their history diverged from ours, and it’s pretty obvious, considering the number of events that have to conspire to result in the successful conception of a specific human being, that the way you can pinpoint the exact time it happened is when the people familiar in our history suddenly start to disappear in theirs.

    Some of the names of these people will be the same (family tradition, personal preference, etc.) but they will almost certainly have enough differences in personalities, strengths and weakness, to make it clear they are not the same person at all.

  • Lofty


    “That is so warped I can’t even follow the train of thought…”

    hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate……

  • gerryl

    My mother actually was born following a failed abortion attempt. Something to do with turpentine, the family lore goes. Apparently a doctor had told my grandmother that having another baby would kill her. To the best of my knowledge my mother — who knew she really was an abortion survivor — never killed anyone.

  • What if I wanted to kill some knucklehead like Janet Moranal, BECAUSE she wasn’t aborted and should have been?


    “Checkmate, Ed. Check and mate.”

    Sorry, Donovan; nice try, but no seegar. When using a phrase like that one, form matters.

    “Checkmate, Ed. Check AND mate. Full Stop!”.

    You’re welcome. {;>)

  • Because of course there is nothing else different about the two cases…

    Oh, and the fact that the cops actually arrested the suspects and didn’t give anyone a pass because “stand your ground.” But other than that, it’s the EXACT MIRROR IMAGE OF THE TRAYVON CASE!!!

  • Pierce R. Butler

    She’s operating under the tutelage of Dr. Nay?!?

    Paging Ian Fleming, Ian Fleming to the front desk immediately please!