‘Ex-Gay’ Activist Wants Apology From Exodus

‘Ex-Gay’ Activist Wants Apology From Exodus August 29, 2013

I wrote a bit about Alan Chambers, once the most prominent leader of the “ex-gay” movement, shutting down Exodus International, the largest and most influential “ex-gay” group, and apologizing to the gay community for the damage they’d done. Now another “ex-gay” activist is demanding an apology and even writing a proposed apology that he wishes Exodus would offer. It’s pretty funny stuff:

Dear Ex-Gay Community,

We are sorry that the leadership of Exodus International didn’t seek out professional psychotherapy to understand the roots of our homosexual feelings. Instead, we merely repressed our urges and hoped that God would take them away if we prayed hard enough.

We also deeply regret that we didn’t pursue advanced degrees in counseling or psychology so we could truly help others who were struggling with unwanted SSA resolve their issues and experience real change.

Now that we look back at our leadership, relying on clichés, slogans, and simplistic answers to complex sexual orientation issues was not the way to go. Rather than embrace cutting-edge therapeutic techniques that were developed to help individuals heal the wounds that lead to SSA, we are deeply saddened that we attacked our allies in the psychological community, most of who are also people of faith. Out of fear and ignorance, we failed to embrace solutions that could bring about real and lasting change.

Yeah, those “cutting edge therapeutic techniques” like diagnosing The Gay by what color crayons people use.

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